Great deal that you got. I paid $23415 (Plus fees) which included the convenience pkg F01, floor mats L92 and kickplates P93 (also got the splash guards as they are standard on the hybrid), plus 3750 mile service for free and full tank of gas (most likely everyone gets this). I also noticed that mag wheel locks were included and wonder if this was standard or something the dealer included at no charge.
My mileage has been between 29 and 36 mpg. The best mileage was on a trip to Arizona. Coming back to San Diego, we were in 115 deg. temp and traveling between 80 -83 mph. Mileage with that tank was 33.6 mpg. The car ran nice the whole time. When we were climbing long grades up to Northern Arizona we had ample passing power. My son was following in his 2005 4 cyl. altima and could not stay with us on the climbs. When a car would speed past, our hybrid had no problem staying with them with power to spare. We also have a 1998 maxima (our second one) and this car easily out performs it (200 hp vs. 190 hp).
I hope this lasts and the mileage needs to improve around town.
Have fun with you new hybrid.