I'm thinking of flying down to Northern California to get one o' these "improvements on the Prius."

I've got a few questions though:

1. One of the other threads said not to tell them you were from out of state so that they can't gouge you when you arrive to pick up your vehicle. But then how do you arrange for that "bypass" title, and how do you negotiate?

2. Speaking of negotiation, what can one expect to pay? Someone on this thread said he paid $1,000 less than MSRP. One of the other threads said they saw "dealer markups" of $8,000.

3. Should I be building it online and pay for it online (can that be done?) and have it delivered (assuming I can't just have it delivered to a Seattle dealer, so I'd just find one close to a NorCal airport), or start calling dealers in NorCal and negotiating.

3. What about warranty work and other stuff that you'd typically go to a deal for? It's been about 14 yrs since I bought a brand new car from a dealer so I don't even recall what to expect in terms of dealer maintenance and warranty work and whatever else you'd need a dealer visit for. In this case, will the local Seattle dealer honor the warranty? Will I get treated differently because I didn't actually buy the car from that local dealer?

4. Mr. Burnell, assuming I get some positive/reasonable answers to the above questions, could you run a search for me for one with the convenience package? I'd prefer one of the darker colors (esp. black), but would be open to other colors if it improved my chances of getting one, or even negotiating w/ a dealer who might not be able to get rid of a particular color.

Thanks in advance!