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    In a parallel hybrid bicycle

    In a parallel hybrid bicycle human and motor power are mechanically coupled at the pedal drive train or at the rear or the front wheel, e.g. using a hub motor, a roller pressing onto a tire, or a connection to a wheel using a transmission element. caravansalesyorkshire.co.uk

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    Well, my car went just over

    Well, my car went just over 100k -- 100,595 -- and the battery wore out. It's a 2001, i've had
    it about a year -- I didn't have enough money to buy a new car, and now I can't afford the new
    battery! I gues I'lll see if there's a rebuilt one available.

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    With the hundreds of

    With the hundreds of thousands of Prii (what's the plural??! sold, particularly Gen ii, are there no 3rd party "drop in" lithium or other better chemistry options out there? My 2008 has over 100k miles, and when the battery's "time comes I'd much prefer a newer tech and more enviro friendly option than the nmh - heck I'd go with lead-acid over that!!

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    I doubt very much whether it

    I doubt very much whether it (battery) will last 150k, perhaps at 20% capacity, but not in real-world driving conditions. Battery technology has not kept pace with mechanical demands. Any wonder why 75% of hybrid owners don't by another hybrid.

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    Well wrong again, my 2000

    Well wrong again, my 2000 Insight went 180,000 miles before Honda replaced it for free. There is a time/mileage consideration. For a CARB state resident 150,000 miles or 10 years? ( 8 maybe?) are guaranteed by the manufacturer , and with a Reinvolt replacement for $1200 ( thats less than a Cat. and much less than a tranny rebuild) so its not a real consideration, especially since a Prius does not have a tranny in the usual gearshifting sense, but really a motorized planetary differential.

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    What an idiot!! yes you can

    What an idiot!! yes you can keep your gas guzzlers since there will not be ANY gas here in a few years then where will you be? You cannot make ethanol since the government has made making moonshine a federal offense. I have a biodiesel truck and can make my own veggie diesel if I need to. My 2002 Prius has cost us an arm and a leg for the replacement of the hybrid battery, the cat converter, the computer cooling unit and the inverter. I would not get another hybrid again but a true electric car with an onboard generator... Like the Volt.. only cheaper.

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    I would recommend Hybrid

    I would recommend Hybrid Revolt (http://www.hybridrevolt.com/). I bought an upgraded battery for my 2001 Prius from them. Their price beats everybody, and the warranty is 18 month and unlimited miles. They helped me with installation as well. I think, they've been in business the longest. I really like this car.

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    You’re definitely someone

    You’re definitely someone that has something to say that people should hear. Keep up the wonderful job. Buy Neopoints Online | http://www.topmovietrailers.co.uk

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    We just replaced the main

    We just replaced the main battery. I had the same lights come on . The main battery is on the right back side corner of the Prius. You can watch you tube video how to take out and replace . Try this first . It is 273.00 plus tax the electric batteries are fine . I hope you have not purchased 3500 dollar ones . Go to O Riley this is the first battery replaced in this area of ks

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    I just returned from my

    I just returned from my dealership (Calvert in Houston). My 2005 Prius has only 41,000 miles on it, but the service rep said that the battery just gave up. Thousands of dollar signs flew through my head. But, it comes with a 96 month or 8 year warrantee. I'm getting a new battery and a rent car for free. I love Toyota.

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