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    You must be an engineer by

    You must be an engineer by pointing out a problem without expressing a single solution, LOL. The Prius is far cheaper than other hybrids with worse mpg ratings. Even if you had to spend $3-5k on a new battery, you'd probably still be saving vs buying the next best thing. I'm not trying to justify the "Y2K" hybrid battery fault, I'm just proposing something worth consideration.

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    All you tree-huggers can

    All you tree-huggers can enjoy replacing those $5,000 HV batteries on your Prius'. My straegey is to buy a 1 -year old full size gas guzzler, after someone else ate the depreciation. In the long run, I ride cheaper & with more stytle & comfort.

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    THE Hog is

    THE Hog is right.....................

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    Hog!!!!! wow-I didnt know


    wow-I didnt know Dwight from The Office read this!!

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    Be sure that the dealerships

    Be sure that the dealerships trys Toyota's Pruis Hybrid battery charger before you get sucked into replacement. There is one available in each Toyota region across the US. They can have it brought in to try a charge the Hybrid battery before replacement. Two different dealerships quoted us $3500 dollars and one convinced us to replace our battery before we learned about the charger this week. We are talking with Toyota asking for a refund now that we learned they have a charger available and did not try it. If you were charged for a replacement and they didn't offer to try the charger, you might want to contact Toyota's Customer Relations 800 number and ask for an adjustment in what you paid.

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    A few weeks ago I attended a

    A few weeks ago I attended a function at my daughter's house when her husband came in and told me that I had left the Prius running. I had never done that before (5 years ownership) and am not equipped mentally for a "technical" world. Could this have occurred at the mechanic's by a worker who is not familiar w/the quietness of the vehicle or who, like myself, was careless?

    If I am off-base, just ignore the comments. Again, don't even know if this is relevant; in my mind it may be but as I stated above......

    Good luck and I am so glad I found this site because now I have an idea what I need to do before my time runs out with the battery situation.

    I am one of those who purchased the Prius for economical reasons and not because I earn over $100,000. per year. While I have always been environmentally responsible, I am not now nor ever have been a "nut" regarding the environment. I am just not arrogant enough to think that I am that important in the scheme of things. Frankly, I do not think any human is that powerful to effect all that some kooks think they can. I degress.... Again, thanx for the info.

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    I woke up yesterday to find

    I woke up yesterday to find some interesting dash lights turned on in My 07 TCH (VSC and Check Hybrid System). I quickly took my car to the dealer, and to their amazement, my hybrid battery pack has dies. My TCH only has 49k miles.

    They were freaking out because they had never seen a battery back die.

    Has anyone experienced a battery failure under 100k?

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    Yea, It only cost me $400 to

    Yea, It only cost me $400 to rebuild my battery myself. I just used a guide I found online, it was home made, but of course what isn't that works well these days?

    Anyway, I woke up one day in MN... Went out to my Toyota Prius 02' and sure enough the battery "death light" was on my dash.

    Soooooo, knowing nothing about this junk, I jumped online and within an hour or so I found a How To Fix Prius Battery Guide for like $40 bucks or something, the site said I could do it for $500 using there suppliers, and guide... So I parted with the 40 bucks and a week later and only a few hours worth of following the guide I saved myself the $5000! hahaha, so sorry if I didn't buy into your "it WILL kill you" horse crap attitude Toyota dealerships across the world... But I think I like my money in my pocket!

    If anyone wants the link to that site just let me know.. Im not all that bright when it comes to mechanical crap.. But it wasn't to tuff.. Lots of pics! haha

    slugger_mn@yahoo.com shoot me an email if you want to, I will send you the website address... My name is Pete, if you look like junk mail I wont know what you want, so say something about prius battery rebuild.. or something..

    Hope I helped!

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    Hi, I think the site you


    I think the site you are talking about is www.hybridbatteryrebuild.com

    I cant believe all you need to rebuild the battery are a few handtools, and toyota has been making it look so hard!?

    Oh, well.. This will help!

    Have a good one,


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    thought about pushing mine

    thought about pushing mine into a lake today

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