Has anyone else out there had to replace their hybrid battery?

We have a 2001 Prius w/ 145,000 miles. Last week the Master Warning Light came on along with the check engine light. This had happened once a few months ago and the dealership was not able to give us a good explanation of why. This time when the lights came on they said the codes indicated that the computer controlling the battery needed to be replaced and most likely the hybrid battery as well. The full cost of the replacing the computer and hybrid battery is $5000!!!

I knew someday we were going to be hit with this cost, but I really had no sense of how much it would be as no one was ever able to tell us. In fact, we will be the first Prius in our area to have the battery replaced because it actually wore out (as opposed to being warrantied).

I checked w/ an independent mechanic on the wholesale cost of a new hybrid battery and he said just the battery alone w/ no markup is $3500.

Anybody out there have any experience with having their hybrid battery replaced? If yes, what did you pay for it? Anybody try using a salvaged battery and computer?

For the rest of you Prius owners, you might want to start up your battery replacement fund now! This repair is not cheap.