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    I live in a Prius World - Go San Diego!!!

    I live in Carmel Valley and work Solana Beach. I pass through Del Mar and every day I see more and more Priuses. I was on the road in Del Mar yesterday, surrounded by four very new Prius (no carpool stickers) and saw several others parked on the side of the road. I got tired of waving to all my fellow Prius owners. They are multiplying like crazy in my neighborhood of San Diego.

    I bought my 2007 Prius in April 2007 and I take friends and associates for a ride all the time. They are always shocked by the size of the interior and the spacey look and feel. They are impressed by the extensive computer, maps and directions, back up camera and love the keyless entry and power button. My boss keeps asking me about my car because she is ready to get rid of her Lexus SUV and has her eyes on the Prius. She has yet to ride in my Prius but she wants to and probably will next week.

    All I can say is that I love my Hybrid. I can't wait to install the electric switch to increase my mileage, currently 39.5 (I'm a lead foot). I saw a posting once on this HybridCars.com site for do-it-yourself installing the switch that is included on the European Models that let you choose when you drive in Electric or Gas, but haven't found the link in my recent search (please post it if you find it).

    Oh, and does anyone know how we can request more carpool stickers. I was really looking forward to getting one but they have all been issued.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FL_Prius_Driver View Post
    The one group who has shocked me the most in terms of downplaying the Prius has been Toyota and Honda salesmen at dealerships. For example, when shopping at the Honda dealer for a Hybrid Civic, the salesman went out of his way to explain that the hybrid technology was not for improving gas mileage, it was for lowering pollution so the "Environmental Types" could have lower pollution. The Toyota dealers all seem to be baffled by my interest in the Prius. Specifically, I quote "...for the same amount of money, you could be getting a '07 Camry which has a lot more to offer..."
    And what is the professional experience required to sell a car? Some sort of previous sales experience? Maybe some car selling experience, but not much in the way of brains. That's not to say that car salesmen aren't smart, but I think you know what I'm getting at.

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    It's good to hear you're happy with your Prius. Unfortunately, California has issues all the carpool stickers they were permitted to issue. As you noted, hybrids have become extremely popular. If they permitted more hybrids into the carpool lanes, the carpool lanes would clog up even worse than they are in certain places and would no longer serve the purpose they were created for (to reduce pollution and congestion).

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    Turning enough heads to make necks crack

    The Prius shopping is finally over, but it is still strange how most salesmen (no saleswomen encountered) seem to be baffled by the Prius success. The comment was made, "Prius owners are the highest repeat group of car buyers with over 93% buying a Prius as their next car." It was more of a question than a statement. My response is simple. After owning a Prius, what does one "move-up" to?....A Hybrid Hummer!? (Maybe only Prius owners find that hilarious.)

    After 8 years I find it stunning that only Toyota has a "true" hybrid (after the Insight's termination). True in the sense that it was built from the ground up as a hybrid and only as a hybrid. Every other hybrid is a compromise to an existing design. I am not complaining about auto manufacturer's trying to improve gas mileage, but way too much money is spent on advertising "green" and "hybrid". Way too little money on mastering the coming change of automotive technology that the next decade's manufacturers must implement. The Prius is still far better than any other hybrid and that is causing a lot of (former) naysayers to retreat from predictions that now look nutty.

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    Salepeople and Hybrids

    I have read a few posts here about hybrid salespeople. There seems to me there's an agreement that the guys (and gals) selling these vehicles know very little about hybrids. I have had a similar experience while researching my hybrid purchase. I would rather have someone say "I don't know" then give me the wrong answer.

    Before buying your Hybrid, determine your needs, and then research research research! Read the specs on Toyota's website, review the forum at http://www.hybridcars.com, and subscribe to Consumer Reports, and test drive a few cars. Think about where (up hills, rain, snow, heavy traffic) and when you will use it (winter, summer, fall, spring). Also, if you are a MySpace user, search for Prius owners and talk to them about their cars.

    If you discover what many others have discovered about these salespeople, you will get misleading information about the car. Aside from "Where do I sign?", most of my questions were never correctly answered by the salesperson.

    Good Luck!

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    Salesperson and Research

    Without a doubt...do research. Any buyer should do this for any car, hybrid or not. My suggestion for assuring you have the most hybid-educated salesperson is to call ahead for an appointment.

    When I went into the dealership for the first time I was a walk in. I grilled the salesperson with many questions. I did this for two reasons: 1) To see if he know his stuff. 2) To get an overall feel for the dealership. Again...you should do this for any vehicle that you purchase. I had a good feeling about the dealership, but the salesperson didn't know squat. So I went home and called ahead for an appointment. I told them that I wanted the salesperson who was very educated when it came to hybrids. So they gave me one. He knew the hybrid inside and out. It was a great experience doing business with him.

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