I'm just curious to see if any of you would be willing to share some stories about some heads you've turned. Perhaps a mocking friend who took a ride in the Prius for the first time and did a 180 on his opinion. Or maybe the uneducated co-worker who thought you just bought a car you have to plug in and replace batteries every year.

I still get playfully mocked by my friends and co-workers about my Touring Prius. I'm literally the only owner of a hybrid in a sea of around 400 cars in our parking lot (and believe me...I've checked). Recently, we went on a snowboarding trip after work. I insisted that we take the prius because it would save gas, emissions, and there was plenty of room. We were able to fit three people and all the equipment with room to spare. My aggressive BMW driving friend came back from the trip in amazment at its smooth drive, space, comfort, and surprising amount of power at highway speeds. He's been in the market for a new car and the Toyota dealership will be his first stop. Even if he doesn't buy a Prius...he was impressed by things other than mileage. I think that says a lot for the Prius and the direction it's headed. Especially for the ones who think the gas savings isn't enough to have them make a Prius purchase.