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    I have a 2008 Honda Civic

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid - I have always hated the way the headrest hit the back of my head and neck. It has always pushed my head forward and has caused a strain on my neck. My husband has adjusted the headrest but it did not work! Since I am having this additional strain on my neck; it has also increased the frequency of my migraines (5 out of 7 days). I am now seeing a physical therapist for my neck and he has tried to adjust the headrest, too.

    I like the ideas I have read. I realize that turning the headrest around, I will lose the support if I am in an accident, but I will do anything to stop these migraines. If this doesn't work, I will try bending the rods.

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    It's just crazy to buy a 30

    It's just crazy to buy a 30 thousand dollar car and have this problem with it.
    car dealers should be ashamed, the government should be ashamed. Every last one of them. They all deserve a pain in their life.
    A freaking head rest should be just that, A HEAD REST!!! It should just follow the same line as the seat. Whiplash won't even happen with a normal seat in the proper seat position. I really don't even know what the government is wanting to fix. It wasn't a problem the way seats were for so long through the 80's, 90's and early 2000's....

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    They are horribly desgined,

    They are horribly desgined, infact I don't think they were "designed" at all.

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    Great post! It's very nice.

    Great post! It's very nice. Thank you so much for your post.

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    I stuck my headrest in a

    I stuck my headrest in a vice with a rag around it to prevent scuffing near the top of the top of the post. I then stuck the post inside a tent pole and bent it with the tent pole. Went very well, quite easily and back into the headrest support no problem. The steel in the pole is very strong, so I'm sure this will be fine.

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    i just got a new 2010 accord

    i just got a new 2010 accord and the neck rest was soo painful on my neck the first week driving it. the dealer has been awlful and so has the honda corporation. i will either sell it or get a lawyer to go after honda for defective design. i called my senators office and they have a man there that knows the honda head engineer and is emailing him my compliant. i am a life long honda owner, but will never buy a honda again after how badly i've been treated by the dealership and honda. i do fear that the people turning the head rest around or taking it off may be seriously hurt in a accident, but i do understand the frustration. i say sue or sell the darn thing.

    email me if anyone is in california since my attorney said i need to contact other calif. folks complaining of this same problem. Honda should be ashamed they have totally ignored the compliants of their customers.

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    Headrest solution!!!!!!

    Headrest solution!!!!!! Take the care to a automobile seat repair shop. Car dealers in your area can tell you who they use. For next to nothing they removed the seat covering, built up the entire seat to provide a custom fit, while moving my head further away and off the head rest and includeded lumbar support. In addition he removed the head rest and bent the bars back in a vice. Professionally done, you cant see aifference at all. I now have a custom seat and love my new car. Place in Asbury NJ called Asbury Tops did the work. AMAZING JOB!!!
    (You CANNOT in some of the new cars, REMOVE OR TURN your head rest around. It is connected via wires to the air bags and will send a signal so that your dashboard will light up like a christmas tree.) You can thank the insurance companies for this one.

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    It isn't just Honda that has

    It isn't just Honda that has these ridiculous headrests. My parents have a 2010 Dodge Ram and they are the same way. I have a 2010 Ford Escape and the headrests on that also force my head down so far that I have to strain my eyes looking up just to see to drive. I'm only 5'3" so reclining the seat is not an option because then I am tilted too far back to safely see out the sides and rear when trying to change lanes and I feel like I am gripping the steering wheel by my fingertips. So now I understand why so many people are driving like idiots now days. They either cannot freaking see or else their necks are killing them!

    I hate these headrests. And I hate the newer red turn signal lamps on the back of the vehicle as well. In traffic when someone is just alongside of you trying to turn, it looks like they are tapping their brakes, not signaling to get over. Another design FAIL that they refuse to acknowledge.

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    I tried to bent the rods,but

    I tried to bent the rods,but have no luck.
    Maybe i am not strong enough.
    How did you bent yours?

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    It's not just Honda and not

    It's not just Honda and not just US regulations. Last month I bought in Europe a new BMW X1 and almost immediately noticed the same problem. The one solution I find was to recline the seat further to the back, but then first it's not the driving position I got used to for the last 15 years, and second my head is further from the headrest than in any previous car I drove, so I can hardly see how it makes me safer. I contacted BMW but of course there is no solution they can provide. Because the headrests are not active ones, I consider dismounting them and trying to make them thinner myself by removing some inside layer. Anybody has experience with that?

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