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    Your ability to see to drive

    Your ability to see to drive was never considered when the testing was done for these headrests. It's so nice to know that our Government doesn't care if we can see to drive, only that the headrest does its job. Well I wonder how many accidents this will cause, not being able to see while driving. Only the jerks in Washington could come up with headrests that make it impossible to see to drive.

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    I just bought a new 2010

    I just bought a new 2010 Honda Insight. Same problem. Tried turning around the headrest, but it leans so far forward when properly installed, that it offers NO support when installed backwards. Any suggestions other than reconfiguring the seat (which is otherwise quite comfortable) with foam or a cushion to basically move the entire body forward to realign with the ridiculous headrest?

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    I sympathize and agree with

    I sympathize and agree with all of you. My wife and I test drove a new CRV for 25 minutes. My neck bothered me for a week and my wife.....2 months. What I would like to know is who is the idiot or team of idiots at the DOT who failed to recognize that different people have different heights, neck lengths and body thickness. To use the common vernacular......one size DON'T fit all!!!!!! Once again government is dictating how we live our lives and it's a literal pain in the neck and or back. It seems that some common sense is in order here. Or perhaps a legally savvy entreprenuer could come up with some after market solutions. It is a shame that when you spend thousands of dollars on a new vehicle and have this kind of problem, the dealerships response is "sorry, there is nothing we can do". Let's continue our letters to the manufacturers and let's begin to write the DOT.

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    Thanks for your entry ... I

    Thanks for your entry ... I am having the same problem, and it's driving me absolutely nuts with neck and back pain. For a few weeks, I tried a back cushion to push my body forward, but this option means I can't feel the seat warmers ... which was a key factor for me in making the purchase in the first place. Can I ask which dealer agreed to straighten out your rods?

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    I am having the same

    I am having the same problems from our new Ford Edge. Here is the website from the regulators:


    In addition, once there you will find an email address to send your concerns.

    I just sent one to Louis.Molino@nhtsa.dot.gov with this content: I am hoping you can address this issue. I understand the need to prevent whiplash having had one in my late 20's.

    However, the new restraints that the Ford Edge and many of the newer cars have force the head down and forward for many of us causing severe pain in the neck and back. The pain comes from the fact that when we sit upright in the seat, the head is pushed so far forward that the cervical spine, and lumbar spine are artificially pushed forward away from the seat and thus go unsupported.

    I have prowled about on the web and note that many people have this problem and they are removing their head restraints or taking them out and turning them around putting themselves at risk even more than from the older restraints. Still others are reclining to dangerous positions while driving.

    A pillow propped up behind me allows me to drive 30 minutes before the pain starts as opposed to the 15 minutes without the pillow.

    As a former emergency physician of many years and an injury prevention enthusiast, I find myself frustrated and feeling victimized by the new head restraint regulations. I know the rule was well-intended but it is causing pain for many who might not ever have a rear-end collision but who do drive every day. *

    I am hoping you can direct me to an after-market solution that retains the enhanced safety feature and also relieves the back pain being caused by being forced into an unnatural driving solution.

    Perhaps if we all send an email detailing our problems something will happen.

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    With the concern of changing

    With the concern of changing the headrest that the insurance company
    may not cover you if you customize or change the OEM headrest. This
    is not true, insurance companies cover thousands of Custom Vehicles'
    So my word after talking to AAA Insurance they would still cover you,
    so go ahead and make the headrests comfortable.

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    Earlier this year I test

    Earlier this year I test drove a Civic Hybrid. The price was very attractive, but I found the headrest so uncomfortable I did not buy the car.
    Later I bought a Camry Hybrid which had a similar fixed headrest, but not quite as bad. The Toyota salesman turned the headrests around, but I did not think this was right. As a trial I substituted the adjustable headrests from our 2001 Lexus RX300 and they worked fine. I then bought two RX headrests on eBay, installed them onbb the Camry, and the problem is solved! (Incidentally, we're very happy with the TCH)

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    I bought a 2010 Acura TL

    I bought a 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD in November and have the same problems with the head rests causing neck fatique and discomfort. I have my head rest turned around, though am concerned about if I ever get rear-ended. I am looking for head rests from a 2004-2007 TL. It is refreshing to hear that others share my concerns and that I'm not alone. I have written Acura twice complaining.

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    Bought an 2010 acurra rdx

    Bought an 2010 acurra rdx very uncomfortable headrests causes severe head &neck pain.

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    I have a 2004 accord exl and

    I have a 2004 accord exl and the headrests kill my neck as well.

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