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    I did the same thing with

    I did the same thing with the headrests of my 2007 CR-V. I put the poles in my vice and bent the headrest back enough to give me and my wife enough clearance not to get a neckache. Had to do each pole individually.

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    We picked up a brand new

    We picked up a brand new 2011 Mazda 3 yesterday and being the driver, when I test drove it before purchasing, I never thought of testing the passenger side seats. The headrests are at an impossible angle and I feel the same frustration that Donald had. Like him, if I had known about this one small flaw, probably would not have purchased the vehicle. I totally agree with everything Donald said.

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    The whole problem is that

    The whole problem is that car manufacturers cheaped out by not making the headrests adjustable forward and back. These car manufacturers are the cheapest bastards I can think of. Maybe one car mfr cheaped out, and so all of them did?

    Older car models were great for upright sitters but were too far back when angling the seat back. So apparenltly the mfrs angled the headrests forward so that people who lean the seat way back will have whiplash protection. But this messed up the people like me who have to sit with the seat more upright. So for us it actually is a "headrest"-- the damn thing is shoving itself into the back of my head at all times.

    Talk about brain-dead engineering. It is trivial to include an adjustable headrest. Even better would be a mechanism that automatically angles the headrest based on the seat angle-- can't be that difficult.

    I like to sit upright to get more control over steering. Sitting angled back usually provides less control. And for me, sitting upright avoids upper back pain. I would think that sitting with an angled seat would cause neck pain eventually, since your neck is always bent forward.

    However, the new Subaru Impreza 2012 actually has adjustable headrest angles! I tried it out-- unfortunately the furthest-back position is still a bit too close for me. But it is a good step in the right direction.

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    I just test drove a

    I just test drove a beautiful 2009 Honda CRV and loved it! The reason I did not buy it was because I could not find comfort
    because of the headrest pushing into the back of my head. I sit upright because that is a good position for me. Too bad.
    I am going to keep my old car until they figure this out.

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    And leaning the seat further

    And leaning the seat further back is a hazardous danger, as it is not the optimal position to protect incase of an accident. The best is about 10-15 degrees back from 90. But then again the seast aren't even straight...
    The problem is the seats don't support your back. You can't lean your back into the seat anymore because the headrest. That's not going to be too good in an accident because your back isn't even suppported.. Stupid punks that did this should be shot.
    I take it off all together or if I'm riding shutgun and want to sleep I turn it around and put a small pillow there to compensate for the 6 to 7 inch gap...
    Also the other problem is that they are much Harder now. The material they use is 5 times as hard as in the past... That's not going to feel good in an accident. I would rather have something soft there to catch my head.

    The ideal head rest should be about 3 to 4 inches behind your head if You're sitting sraight up with a proper posture and back against the seat comfortablly.
    That's not at all how they have it now. Infact it comes forward about 2-3 inches..
    I would love to break the persons neck that built it this way.

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    the only real solution is

    the only real solution is the kill the people that make it this way. Or one could take it to a car seat specialist to have it reworked in someway.. Maybe take some of the upolstery out or go with all new softer upolstery in a proper shape. Also one could bend each of the pole back on al the seat head reats..
    It's not just the front seats either, alot of them the back seats are just as bad. Infact baby car seats don't meet flush on the seat at all and wobble because the headrest in the back are so messed up.

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    My husband and I tried out a

    My husband and I tried out a 2009 Buick Lucerne and we were going to buy it. My husband test drove it for about 30 minutes, but could not get the head restraint adjusted correctly. That night he got a horrible neck ache and head ache. We went back to the dealer and told them no deal and why. Luckily, we had not put any money down or signed any papers. They acted surprised....said they had never heard of that problem before. I think they were lying. We went and bought a 2010 Nissan Maxima and love it! The headrests were the first thing we checked out. The so called domestic car companies complain about their customers going to a "foreign" car (which is actually made in the U. S.), but they do not listen to their customers and do anything about correcting situations like this.

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    after putting the rods in a

    after putting the rods in a vice, what did you use to bend the headrest?

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    Well, I almost backed out of

    Well, I almost backed out of a purchase today of a Toyota Aurion (3.5l 6cyl camry in some countries). I am ok with it but it damn near killed my wife's neck! I've decided to purchase and take the car straight to a local machinist and have these rods straightened up a little. I don't see any safety issues doing this as the rods are robust and the bend is extremely mild. My wife will then be able to sit straight uo, not have the headrest killing her -but still have the headrest 2inches behind for safety. It's just madness... 2 tons of precision engineered vehicle and the entire ride experience RUINED over what probably amounts to a $20 headset.

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    Wow wish I had found this

    Wow wish I had found this page before we purchased our used 2010 Ford Explorer. My wife even commented about the headrests after we took a short test drive. When we asked the salesman about them he said that you could turn them around. He also said that the back seat ones were interchangable with the front ones (wrong). You can be sure that any future vehicle purchases will include a longer test drive and closer inspection of the headrests. I would like to know what headrests the people who came up with this law have in their vehicles. This page has alot of good suggestions on a remedy. Right now ours are turned around but after reading the comments I believe that I am going to try the bending the rods solution. Any more details on this solution would be appreciated!

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