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    I read your article can you

    I read your article can you please post an answer.
    Thanks for your posting about the honda headrest.
    I am thinking of buying an Insight but won't unless the headrests are more comfortable. How far did you bend it? Does it still work for you?
    Thanks so much!
    ( I am hoping to get a car this week so if you can reply soon it would be great!)

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    I called Honda today at the

    I called Honda today at the same number listed in other post. They stated that they had never received any complants about the headrest in the civic being a pain in the neck. Everyone, please call Honda at 800-999-1009 and let the know

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    I placed the thin part of

    I placed the thin part of the foam at my lower back & the slightly thicker part of the foam came even to the shoulder of the seat. This pushed my upper back slightly forward enough.Yaneto

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    While this seems to be a

    While this seems to be a quick and easy solution, it nullifies much of the safety a head restraint provides since in a crash situation the headrest may come out (no notches holding it in place, just gravity). I have scoliosis (mild), am short (5' 3") and have had whiplash.

    I'm looking for a solution to overly aggressive head restraints, and love putting the head restraints backwards, but what about safety, and insurance coverage, etc.?

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    I tried this and the

    I tried this and the headrest it too far away to protect anything.

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    I don't see any references

    I don't see any references to Lexus vehicles here, but I have found the same issue in RX 350's. I own a 2001 RX 300 and thought I needed a new car. I tried the newer 350's--not just the brand new 2011's or 2012's--and after the first test drive, my neck was killing me. The salesman acted like he had no idea what I was talking about when I explained the problem to him. I looked back at my old RX 300, and the headrests were straight and not angled forward. Now I know I'm not the only one with this problem, but I can't buy a new car until they change the headrests. They remind me of the very uncomfortable airline seats in some airplanes that have the big bump at the top---made for men I'm sure--that does the same thing and makes flying miserable.

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    My concern with bending the

    My concern with bending the rods (or as some people suggest putting the headrest in backwards) is that if there is ever an accident, the insurance company might not pay since the so-called safety feature of the headrest has been modified. Lots of people seem to be doing though - taking the chance because the neck pain really is terrible, especially for shorter people like me.

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    After spending the past week

    After spending the past week test driving cars, I retreated to the internet to find out about the headrests that shove my head forward. I'm fairly tall for a girl, 5-9, and I still have the problem, no matter how high or low the headrest is adjusted. It seems that part of the problem lies with the design of the seat, which will not allow you to sit up straight. The seat actually forces you to hunch over, unless you tilt it back to avoid the headrest. Even if you remove it, you are still hunched slightly. The fault is in the bucket of the bucket seat.

    I have been looking to trade in my Acura MDX for a less gas guzzling model, and even the new Acuras have the annoying headrest, and the bucket seat. Every model of every car with an adjustable seat is bucket, tilting your pelvis back, lower than your knees. Not good for the back. Add to that, the hunched forward slope of the back of the seat, then the head rest that forces your neck and head forward, it's a recipe for disaster.

    I have come to the conclusion after reading every post on here that there isn't a car to be found without this problem. (Except maybe a new MDX, which may have a seat that is truly 8-way adjustable to tilt the bucket so it is actually level and not tilted back. And even then, they still have the annoying new headrest.)

    I've turned them backward in some cars. The Subaru Outback actually works, but the other cars, no. Too far. Unfortunately, the Outback seat feels like you're going to bounce off, and isn't truly 8 way adjustable to get away from the bucket tilting back your pelvis.

    I think that either I continue to drive my ten year old MDX, or I need to buy an ergonomic seat cover with a wedged seat that raises the bucket in the seat so it is level, and a wedged back that is wider at the top to bring one's shoulders away from the headrest.

    If manufacturers got away from the bucket seat design (which causes more back problems than anything), the headrest might not be such an issue.

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    I have a 2006 Civic and the

    I have a 2006 Civic and the headrests were so bothersome I took them out and turned them around, I hope and pray I don't have a wreck and have whiplash! My husband took the headrests out and put them in a vice in order to try and bend them but they would not budge.

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    Wow! I feel

    Wow! I feel vindicated--after years of complaining and suffering about the new head rests/restraints I see that I am definitely not alone in my pain! I wasted quite a bit of money on cars that caused me neck pain--I don't care about anything else (style, color, etc.); just please give me a car that I can drive without having my neck shoved forward! Finally, with the Honda Civic I turned the head rest 180 degrees and strapped on one of those airline pillows (yes, stolen) to make it a little closer to my head. I know it's not as safe as leaving it as is, but I have terrible neck problems as it is, and did not want to live in constant pain. Too bad the transmission just blew. . .

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