I have rented many different car models for business travel and have had this headrest problem with most of them. Like many of the writers, I like to sit up straight with my back against the seat for support. Since I'm 5'6", itis not possible with these projecting headrests, which hit square in the back of my head and push it forward.

So how is the headrest supposed to support and protect you? It hits me in a much different spot than it would hit a 6'+ person, and there is generally not enough height adjustment to put it in the same relative position or to make it comfortable.

It did not occur with my 96 Civic because the headrest was flat, but I just bought a new Toyota and see I will now have the problem.

Are there any after-market replacements available? I don't like the idea of bending it, and turning it around is definitiely not safe. Otherwise, was 2007 the year they started this insanity? Maybe I can find an older one that fits?