I can't believe I found this website and that so many other people are complaining about this! I have a 2011 Honda Civic Coupe. The seats and headrests downright suck. I am 5'1" and have the same issue of the headrest pushing my head forward leaving me with major neck and upper back pain. Only thing that I have found to work is sitting on a pillow to raise your whole body so your head aligns with the headrest. You have to be careful that the pillow isn't too thick or you will be too high. It's a royal PITA, but it beats a pain in the neck. I then use a smaller lumbar type pillow for my upper back. Why can't they make headrests that adjust like they used to?!! My stepmom has a 2008 Honda Accord and I don't have such a problem with her car because she has lumbar support which pushes your body forward slightly. I will NEVER buy another Civic. I do believe not having the lumbar support is the entire problem. Not sure if this option is even available on these little cars. I test drove a VW Jetta and did not have this problem because it has lumbar support. I've had this car for 5 months and am hoping it blows up! I knew I should have bought another VW!!