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    Bought a 2007 Ford Explorer

    Bought a 2007 Ford Explorer in 2006 and my wife ran into this problem head on (so to speak). We eventually bought a full back support from a medical supply store that has worked, but obviously interferes with the use of heated seats. Investigating the new 2012 Mazda5, and the redesign makes this problem even worse - test drive was unacceptable. We are looking forward to testing a variety of cars for this feature at the next Auto show in town, in particular the 2011 Explorer redesign with the adjustable restraint mentioned earlier.

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    I am encouraged to find this

    I am encouraged to find this forum which confirms that I am not the only one who is outraged at the headrest design that has been forced upon us in recent years. When I was considering the 2008 Accord, I noticed the problem even on the test drive, and so I refused to buy this car until I verified that the 2007 head rests did indeed fit into the 2008 Accord. So now I have a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L and I purchased two 2007 grey leather headrests. The color is not an exact match, but I don't care since the back pain was unacceptable with the 2008 head rests. I first became aware of this problem when I bought a 2004 Pontiac Vibe, and the pain was so obvious that I had to turn the headrests around, but lost much of the protection in the process. The general problem, in my opinion, is that the government standards to increase safety do not care about the 5% or so of people who do not fit the "average" head/body shape that they use in their design and testing. I have a long oval shaped head which extends further in back than the round flatter shaped head assumed in their average dummy manikin. I found a report a few years ago on the web (don't know where now) where the committee of car manufacturers trying to implement the govt standard conceded that it was "impossible" to achieve a 95% satisfaction level (95% of consumers) and also meet the required headrest angle in the safety standard. Basically the safety standard says screw the 5% of people who don't have heads shaped like our test dummy. So, how does it feel to have government or committees designing cars? Not too cool. I got lucky with the Accord in that 2007 headrests solved the problem but my real concern is that there may not be any older flatter headrests I can use for the next car I buy. And it appears there are no after-market head rests available because the govt would consider these "illegal". I would be willing to pay a few hundred dollars for adjustable headrests where you could choose an acceptable headrest angle, but I don't think these are out there either (probably also considered illegal). What a wonderful world we live in!

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    After posting my lengthy

    After posting my lengthy comment above, I did then notice some other posts about the 2011 Ford Explorer and the potential for adjustable headrests to become available from the manufacturer. That is encouraging. I sincerely hope other manufacturers will follow suit. As silly as it sounds, the headrest comfort for me is such a big issue that it is very high up on my list of criteria I use when I shop for a new car. I have eliminated many many cars in the past simply based on the headrest angle (pushing my head forword). So new vehicles that provide adjustable headrests (where you can adjust the tilt angle) will definitely go to the top of my shopping list when I am in the market for a new car.

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    I am looking at new cars and

    I am looking at new cars and can't find one that is comfortable to even sit in, let alone drive. The headrests are awful. I like the idea of having the bars straightened up but can't find a place that will do that. Any ideas how to find this service?

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    I have a 2006 Chrysler

    I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica that we're thinking about replacing. Today was our first day of car shopping in five years & the first thing I noticed was the head rest problem. I didn't even DRIVE anything - just sat in the cars to try to find something a little more comfortable - and my neck still aches about 6 hours later. I just printed out the article on Ford's adjustable head-rest design for my husband to read. It may be better if we just hang onto our Pacifica another year or two until we can get this type of headrest in a vehicle. While I appreciate the effort to make vehicles safer in the possible event of a crash, I think it's more important to also make them safe in the definte event of everyday driving! Thanks to everyone else who's written - now I know it's not just me.

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    Same deal here. 2009 Honda

    Same deal here. 2009 Honda Accord. The headrest is so bad I can barely drive the car. Doctor said to take ibuprofin before I drive because it makes my neck posture so bad. He was aware of the newer cars and how bad the headrests are. How sad is that? I ended up removing mine as a test, felt great. Seat seems OK, but I swear the headrest is designed to kill me. I ended up putting mine in backwards and getting a small pillow and setting it on the platform it made. Works well, but still kind of P/O'd that a 30k car hurts that bad to drive. I am in the car 3 hours a day. Its almost a reson to really sell it if you have to drive alot.

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    My husband losened the

    My husband losened the bottom of the leather, pushed back the foam and leather, used a small needle nosed vice script to hold it in place and heated the rod before he put it in the vice with a torch (only for few seconds) grabbed the headrest with hands and slowly bent it straight and it worked great.

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    I bought a 2007 VW Rabbit

    I bought a 2007 VW Rabbit and for the first time in my life started getting migraines about 2 months after i bought the car. The headrests bothered me from the beginning, but I finally linked my migraines to the car headrests. I turned the headrest around and bought a back support and a cushion for the bottom seat (I'm 5'1") and the migraines stopped. It's still not comfortable, but not painful. I'm now shopping for another car and ALL of them have similar if not the same awful headrests. How depressing! The thought of driving more than 1 hour makes me want to scream. I'm searching on-line for custom headrests or other solutions - I can't find anything.

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    2007 Civic is really great

    2007 Civic is really great except the headrest problem.

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    I owned a 2003 Honda Accord

    I owned a 2003 Honda Accord V-6 and loved it so much I decided to trade it in for a 2011 Accord V-6. Silly me... I figured a Honda Accord is a Honda Accord. After driving the new car for a few days I realized I couldn't get into a comfortable position. The head restraint was pushing my head downward, causing pain in my neck and shoulders. I already have lower back problems, and I'm most comfortable with the seat in an almost upright position. When I called the dealer, all he could suggest was leaning the seat further back. I told him this wasn't an option for me because of my back problems. He told me he'd speak to the people in service and get back to me. A week later I had heard nothing, so I called back. Again he suggested reclining the seat back. I called Honda at 800 999-1009, and they acted as if they had never heard of this problem before. I told them to go online and google "Honda head restraints" and do some reading.
    Right now I'm using a cushion behind my back that keeps my head from leaning against the head restraint. It's ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a new car with leather seats and a beautiful interior, and then have a seat cushion ruin the appearance. I'm sorry I walked blindly into getting another Honda without really paying attention to this most annoying detail.

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