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    Turning the headrest around

    Turning the headrest around is DANGEROUS, please find another solution. While driving, the back of your head should be only an inch or two away from the headrest. By turning it around, you are 5 or 6 inches (or more) away and if you get hit from behind, you are going to have serious neck injuries.

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    I am only 24 years old and I

    I am only 24 years old and I recently bought a 2010 Honda Accord and I have had the worst low neck pain ever since. I was told by Honda that all cars are going to be required to have this new safety featured headrest. The problem with this head rest is that the safety feature will not prevent less neck injury in a car accident then a regular headrest if you already have neck pain. Car accident cause more neck injury to the injury that was already there. This is NOT a safety feature. Call these numbers if you want to stop this. 1-800-999-1009 x117714 Todd from Honda mainframe. They said also to contact the Transportation Assoc. They are the ones enforcing this. I'm going to be possibly contacting a news reporter about this because a person like myself should not be having this kind of neck pain from just sitting in a car.

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    Thank you fleur for the

    Thank you fleur for the contact information. I have been looking to buy a 2010 ford mustang and absolutely refuse to buy one because of the headrest. Just sitting in the seat before taking it for a test drive made up my mind. It felt like I had a rear passenger pushing my head uncomfortably forward. There is absolutely no way to sit up straight in the seat without your head being pushed forward about 4 inches or more. What the hell are these vehicle manufactures thinking when they design these headrest, they should at least be adjustable. Shoot, just adjust the seat straight up, step back and look at it, and ask yourself, do I really want to sit in that seat with my head that far forward?
    I have a 2007 honda van that has the same problem, just not as pronounced as the ford mustang. Its almost time for a new vehicle, and you can bet the headrest will be a big factor in my purchase.

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    I too have this problem with

    I too have this problem with my 2010 Honda Accord. After reading these postings I see this has been a problem for three plus year. How long does it take to correct a VERY POORLY designed headrest. Plus, which is worse possible whiplash or cronic neck and back pain that won't go away. Let the GOVERNMENT drive the car for awhile and then decide. GIVE ME A BREAK. I hate this car!

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    I have the same head

    I have the same head restraint issues with my new Honda---intense backaches and migraines no matter how I adjusted the seats; it has been awful. My best friend is a physical therapist, and she evaluated the situation. She assured me that I had excellent posture (something we're actually being punished for with these head restraints). I do tend to carry my head further back. That's just how I'm made. Reading many threads like these assures me that I'm not the only one. I came across this recent USA Today article the other day and found it to be VERY interesting. It looks like Ford is acknowleging and addressing this horrible head restraint issue by creating head restraints that can be adusted back and forth as well as up and down. They still have the same safety to meet the new standards. Honda BETTER follow in Ford's footsteps and offer a solution for me and for all of you. We need to keep protesting this. I plan on taking this article into my Honda dealer and asking him who I need to talk to in order to get results.

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    Looks like Ford is doing

    Looks like Ford is doing something to acknowledge and fix this head restraint problem by creating head restraints that can be adjusted backwards and forwards as well as up and down. Apparently it meets the new safety standards while providing the comfort and, for many of us, the neck and spine HEALTH that we need to drive our cars. I hope that Honda follows in Ford's footsteps so we can have a solution. i will be taking this USA today article into my Honda dealer for sure.


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    The problem is that the

    The problem is that the seats are designed for the average American mail. This means for anyone that is short than that, which is most women, they do not fit correctly. That bump that pushes are heads forward is actually supposed to rest under the base of the skull to fit into the curve of your neck thus helping protect against whiplash. I have scoliosis and cannot lean my seat back so the backrest does not push on my head. I have to have my seat upright to support my back, I also cannot sit in bucket seats for this reason. This makes the governments solution of leaning your seat back useless. right now either my back kills me or my neck does.

    If the manufactures would simply make the overall seat shorter and extend the adjustable of the head rest it would fix this problem because then even those of us that are short than the average male can adjust it down so it fits the way it is supposed to. As it is now the seat comes up to the middle of my neck so no headrest is going to give me the optimum protect because there is no way to get the curve where it is suppose to be. They should not regulate based on a single body type. If they really want to prevent whiplash injuries then they need to make the regulation fit the range of body types.

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    I have 10 days left on my

    I have 10 days left on my lease and there is only one car thus far that has an active headrest (required by law now) that doesn't push the back of my head so far forward that my chin is to my chest. Not only is this a literal pain in the neck--I can't see my rearview mirror with the usual glance up.

    You see, I sit upright when I sit. Maybe it was childbirth, but I cannot recline without causing lower back and hip pain. I have retrained my former ballet body with yoga and pilates to use my abdominals to support my frame. Now picture those narrowly poorly enginerred headrests when the sit is fully upright. It is torture!

    Funny, reversing or removing the the headrests (where possible); bending the rods; using foam wedges (Obus Forme) negate the purpose of the headrests. Until these headrests are better engineered so that they can fit all bodies and all seat positions, they should be optional and not mandated.

    I cannot afford a $60K BMW X5. I am looking at used cars now, but in 5years, what will be out there?

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    We just bought a 2010 Honda

    We just bought a 2010 Honda Civic and to our dismay have discovered what everyone here has been talking about. I just emailed Louis Molino and took down the phone number for Todd. I will check into having a seat repair (custom auto) shop fix the angle of the steel rods (tubes). The idea to add foam to the turned around headrests sounds good too. Thanks everybody for posting it helps a lot more people that just look and don't really having anything to add (like me).

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    Just like majority of people

    Just like majority of people here - within a day after buying the honda civic 2010 I noticed the horrible discomfort. Will try some of the suggestions. And will definitely contact Honda.

    Does anyone know which year of civic model has the comfortable headrests that can be used on the newer civics?

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