400 miles on my 2010 Honda Accord EX-l and I could not take the headrest anymore. Read all of the other posts. The 2007 headrests sound good, but expensive after just buying a new car. I thought I would give a shot at bending the tubes. I have quite a lot of experience with metal work and gave this a lot of thought. The tubes are pretty hard but they do bend. The hard part was bending them at the top so they would still go up and down. I had a piece of steel sheet that was 1/2" thick with a 1/2" hole in it. Wrapping the leather in plastic and masking taping the areas to be bent to protect them I gave it a shot. With the sheet steel in a bench vice I put one tube through the hole at a time. Pushing it all the way through until it hit the leather I then placed rubber tube over the headrest tube. Then I used a larger piece of steel tubing about two feet long over the headrest tube that was sticking out of the steel plate. I simply bent it to the angle desired. It doesn't take much. The end result is much better. The only problem is that the headrest will no longer go all the was down due to the bend in the tube(one click up). I cleaned the headrest tube with a little metal polish. It does have some tool marks in it but it is worth the comfort. Trying this yourself be sure not to over bend the tube and kink it. I can not speak for the legality of doing this. This post was simply to share my experience. (legal stuff)