I just bought a 2007 Civic yesterday & I didn't notice the headrest being a problem. As I was driving around today, I did. I'm a 5'1'' female and love the Civic but the headrest pushes my head down and kills my neck and lower back. Too late now...I already bought the Civic. After reading postings of options, I understand there's nothing the dealership can/will do. I don't want to use non-factory headrest for fear of losing my insurance coverage. I don't want to lay my seat back. And I don't want to drive without a headrest.
SO.....I had some foam in the basement. I cut the foam into a wedge shape. I placed the thin part of the foam at my lower back & the slightly thicker part of the foam came even to the shoulder of the seat. This pushed my upper back slightly forward enough so I can't feel the headrest immediately on my head but it's still there. I still get the support from the seat on my lower back too! The foam feels like part of the seat & supports great! I'm going to buy a seat cover & position the foam under the seat cover to hide the thick foam. You can go to any fabric store & they will cut you foam how you want it. Questions, please let me know. Otherwise, good luck!!