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    Hi Jose Juarez, So did Honda

    Hi Jose Juarez,

    So did Honda Dealer told you what cause that IMA light to be on at first? Does any of you know what is the main trigger factor to cause both IMA and Check Engine light to be On at the same time?

    I just purchased a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (used). It has 113K on it. Now both IMA, and Check engine lights are ON. Also side air bag OFF light is ON and OFF from time to time.

    It seems that Honda Civic Hybrid has a lot of IMA and engine checking either software or sysrem design issue!

    Any input or feedback are greatly appreciated!

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    Hi. Your check engine light

    Hi. Your check engine light is almost sure to be all or a combination of the following: Oxygen sensor malfunction ( there are four - one in front of and downstream from both cat converters), the front cat converter (very expensive) or the rear cat converter. The best estimate I could get on replacing all of the above at once from a certified shop was $3600.

    I replaced the rear converter with an aftermarket product. Fit great, but didn't turn the light off. We are deciding whether to drive the car 'til it quits and put it up for sale for parts. Such a shame, it has been a really good vehicle.

    Can't help you on the IMA light, but mine has never come on (150,000 miles).

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    I had same problem .. couble

    I had same problem .. couble of light came at the same time .. my car now 22000 kilo only ,, I need souliotin please ~~

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    I took my 2003 Civic Hybrid

    I took my 2003 Civic Hybrid in because the IMA light was on and the battery would not charge. After paying $90 to have the diagnostics done, I was told that code P1575 showed, the IMA battery was fine, and all that needed to be replaced was a $99 fuse that worked in conjunction with the IMA Battery, but they couldn't find the part anywhere.

    Three hours later, I got a call from the local Dealer's service department, and was told that they couldn't find that part anywhere because they don't replace just the fuse. I would have to get a new Battery Pack ($2500 parts and labor and more with tax - approx $2700 total).

    I am furious that a company that claims to be "Green" and advanced in regards to technology would not replace only the part that needed to be replaced. I already paid a premium price to purchase the vehicle, and now the only way to keep it is to spend more? Has anyone successfully replaced only the fuse?

    Here's what I found on the net:

    Blown Fuse Causes IMA DTC P1575
    If IMA DTC P1575 (MPI voltage problem) sets as
    soon as you turn the ignition switch to ON (II) in a 03 - 05 Civic Hybrid, check the 100 amp junction
    board fuse for an open circuit. If the fuse is open,
    replace the fuse and retest.

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    I've a 2003 Civic Hybrid

    I've a 2003 Civic Hybrid with 120,000 miles.
    My Honda dealer just diagnosed my transmission going out.

    The malfunction indicator lamp has just come on because despite the shaking when in gear (an automatic) I've been driving it.

    Not sure what to do. If it is worth replacing the transmission knowing at some point I will have to replace the battery.

    How many more miles will I be able to get out of this car?

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    I have an 03 Civic Hybrid

    I have an 03 Civic Hybrid with 98k miles, and I've had the check engine light on for several weeks now. Dealer said converter needs to be replaced at $1300 cost (dont remember if that included labor), went for a second opinion to a non-dealer, and that guy said either O2 sensor ($470) or front/rear converters (each $1700) would need to be replaced. The car had the '07 software update done in early '08 which replaced faulty software that caused the check engine light to come on unnecessarily.

    This is a a big expense that I'd like to avoid AFAP ... how long can I keep driving it like this, and will it actually fail the emissions test?

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    If you don't mind me asking,

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did the dealer charge you to replace both the battery and the battery controller? I am having the very same issues.

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    I had the same exact problem

    I had the same exact problem for years. At 150K the car starting making a very loud noise when it wasn't in N or P. The honda mechanic heard it and said it's coming from the transmission and needs to be replaced @ $3700 (That excludes labor). The transmission failed @ 181K miles and the dealership now says the fly wheel doesn't come with the $3700 tranny and I would need to pay another $500 for that. I was quoted around $1200 for the labor. This is an 03 civic hybrid.

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    2003 Honda Civic Hybrid.

    2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. 99,500 miles. New IMA battery in it. The check engine light went on 2 days ago. Took it to AAMCO and they said it was the CVT transmission and the whole thing needs replaced since it doesn't open up. They quoted AT LEAST 5,000.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Is there a cheaper solution?
    If it's that much I am just going to trade it in, or try contacting corporate, its ridicolus that a car under 10 years old has a blown tranny

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