Geez people! A HCH is a cheap way to save money on gas. It's a highway commuter car. If you're looking to save the planet get a bicycle or an electric car. If you're in a major urban center get a Prius. You get what you pay for. My HCH was $10,000 w/ 50k miles used, compared to at least $20k for a similar Prius.

Invest $12.99 in a code reader. Unless I'm having work done for free, ie manufacturers warranty, I NEVER step foot on dealer property. If I need a dealer only part, my local Carquest parts store gets it to me directly from the dealer cheaper than at the parts counter.

So ima light and cel light on? Run your $12 obd2 scanner to find cel code and reset it. Disconnect 12v battery for 15 minutes. That should handle IMA light.

Don't drive like speed racer. At least not right before you park it. Never park with the ima battery completely empty. Even if that means circling a parking lot at low speed to charge it up.

Clean your EGR valve! Change your own oil and transmission fluid regularly. Don't park w/ dead battery!

Please quit trashing the HCH. It's a good cheap car that does great highway mpg. If you want to "save the planet" get a Leaf. If you want to jet back and forth through downtown streets all day get a Prius.