I also worked at a dealership (not Honda), in the service department and I know what goes on. I do not agree that dealers would prefer to absorb the cost of a mistake. I also know of charges being made for services that were not needed and in some cases were not even performed. What most people do not know is that there are monthly quotas that a dealership has to obtain so that the owner, service manager and parts manager can get a monthly bonus. Not only did they get bonuses, but they also had a chance at resort trips and prizes, depending on how well the dealership did for the year. I don't know how the car sales department works, but I am quite aware of the service department. There was a lot of pressure to get the "number" right by the end of each month. I am not saying that the mechanics were dishonest, as they probably didn't know what was being put on the service ticket after they were done with the vehicle. This was all done at the manager level and when the ticket came to the billing service office, we had to do what we were told and bill it accordingly. Many of them were in warranty and the service manager said, "well, the customer isn't really paying for it, so don't worry about it"..but, I always wondered if that same item should really need repair or replacement, would the warranty still cover it? I never felt comfortable with this situation and gave up my job. I did report it, but as with most "whistle blowers", nothing came of it.