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    I have an HCH 03. We had

    I have an HCH 03. We had many problems with IMA/transmission and Honda finally replaced the Transmission just after the warranty expired since we had brought it in to the local dealer and others 10 times (maybe more) with the same problem. Ironically we never had any indicator lights go off, but the car shuddered horribly and studdered on down hills yet both were random. Since the trans replacement the IMA and Check Engine lights have come and gone off repeatably. A Honda service tech told me to do nothing (don't waste your money), but suggested I disconnect the regular battery and connect the terms together for half an hour to clear the indicator lights. That usually works for a few days and sometimes weeks. Since that is a hassle, I just ignore the lights or pretend it is Christmas all year and just enjoy the pretty lights.

    On a related note, I just got a recall notice about the Check Engine light and a software fix. I think I will give this a try. Wish me luck. BTW Honda, my Prius has never had any issues.

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    Hey Andrew, Thanks for the

    Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for the tip on clearing the check engine light on the '03 hybrid. Ours like everyone's I guess has gone on and off randomly over the years, but most recently I took it into the dealer so they could clear it, because I need to get my annual inspection and in this state they won't do it if the CE light is on. I hoped it might be the O2 censor which has been recalled so we'd get a free repair, but alas, the code came back as Hybrid Battery Corrosion and it would cost $2800 to replace. I'm not about to pay that on a 100k+ 9 year old vehicle, which is still running fine, so I left. Still I need to get my inspection done, so the light has to go off whether the car is technically fixed or not and they refused to reset it at the dealer. So, I'll likely give your method a try.

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    hi this is kimsok (mr.) now

    hi this is kimsok (mr.) now i have problem with honda civic hybrid MD 2003 have is MIA 58 Charger / dicherge balance problem 69-3 ima system malfuntion so could you please tells me wath can i do?

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    I'm having the same issue

    I'm having the same issue with my car. It has 113K miles but the engine was replaced in 2007. Should I get it checked out?

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    Me too, what was the

    Me too, what was the trouble?

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    Do you really think

    Do you really think automotive dealers want to lie to you to avoid some diagnostic work?
    this is a false perception. i work for a dealer and have for over 20 years.
    Most dealers would prefer to absorb the cost of a "mistake" or guess, and keep thier customers
    by providing honest and only neccesary repairs.
    Do plumbers, doctors, police, painters, teachers, and anyone else in the service inductries also
    act so dishonestly as a dirty mechanic?

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    I have the problem of the

    I have the problem of the check light and IMA light coming no. The system check light stays on, but the IMA light goes off once in a while.
    I am driving it, but I face the inspection issue.
    Has anyone had luck working with a non-Honda source for the battery repair or replacement option. Thanks.

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    Hi everybody, This is update

    Hi everybody,
    This is update on my used 2003 Honda Civic Hybride.
    I purchased this 2003 HCH around Dec 2010. At that time the totoal milage is 114308. It had no problem with anything at beginning.
    The milage was around 37 to 40 Mile/Gallon using the highest Octane Gasoline. That milage is mostly for within City drive not much interstae-travel.
    The IMA and Enginer Check light on about the same arounf June 2011.
    The milage at the time was around 119443. Milage is around 37 Mile/Gallon.
    I was driveing since then with IMA and Enginer Check light on. Now my Gas milage is around 42 to 45 Mile/gallon.
    But I now drive between Austin and Dallas about once every three to four weeks. The driving time for each trip is about 3.75 hours.
    I am try to fix this problem in order to pass state inspection.
    I went to AutoZone, and got a free MCU code scan. Two codes shown up. P1420 aNS p1600.
    I personally think so many IMA issues maybe the end results of several factors.
    (1) Bad semiconductor power switch for charging circuit.
    (2) Bad MCU itself or un-reliable conact in those MCU and external componet.
    (3) Analog to digital (A/D) or digital to analog (D/A) functionality degrade or malfunction.
    (4) bad quality or lousy battery and/or pachage.
    (5) Bad assumption in system and software programing.

    I think Honda already know the real issues most likely. It just try to patch up or hide the
    potential PR nighmare and cost. Shame on Honda for not openly solving and doing the best
    effort to solve issues. Toyota Privs seems does not have that many issues on their battery.

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    Forget to mention that

    Forget to mention that currently my 2003 HCH has 126500 Mile on it. Today I brought it to Dallas John Eagle Honda service department. They reset and both lights were OFF for a while. However, after I just drive not more than 5 BLOCK in local highway. Both light came back again. I will try some local non-dealer to see what else they can do to fix the problem without being rip-off by Honda Dealers.

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    I've owned 2 Honda's

    I've owned 2 Honda's before...1st was awesome, 2nd was a lemon from the start. Honda didn't want to fix it and just gave me the run around. After a year of that mess, traded the car off and will NEVER own another Honda EVER!

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