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    bought an 03 CHC Manual

    bought an 03 CHC Manual Transmission w/ 146K miles, CEL is on, code P0420, replace main cat converter with aftermarket, CEL came back on, in process of replacing manifold pre cat. Appreciate any advice.

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    I purchased a 2003 HCH new,

    I purchased a 2003 HCH new, in January 2003. 202,000 miles. Wonderful car, very few problems (replaced both Cat Converters last year--after reading all the posts here, I'm wondering if that was necessary). Within the last 10k of mileage, the check engine and IMA lights are coming on (seems to be the most common problem on this site)--they stay on anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. I can go a month or two without these indicators coming on, but when on, the car is still functioning well.

    However... I have noticed a loss of power accelerating from time to time, even if the indicator lights are off. It happens, then a few minutes later it seems fine. And... the last two times the indicator lights came on, it was after driving up to the mountains (I live in a rather flat area of SE Pennsylvania) and climbing some pretty hefty hills for awhile, draining down the battery supply. It happened today, so I took the car to an area Honda Dealer--they ran a test on it and said the IMA battery needed replacing. Cost: $2850.

    So, my questions: The car is driving fine, the indicator lights have gone out, so do I need to get it replaced now--or wait until the battery dies (most likely leaving me stranded somewhere)? Also, I've read on this thread something about having the codes/computer reset in the car.

    Suggestions, as I prepare to proceed and dole out the dough?

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    My car is a 2003 HCH I

    My car is a 2003 HCH I bought new, automatic, SULEV, 97K miles on it. About a year ago, my check engine and IMA lights intermittently went on and off. Then, since about six months ago, both lights have been on continuously. The car drives fine - still getting 40-45 MPH. I decided to get a new battery because its under warranty, but am somewhat conflicted about it after reading all this. From my experience, you may have at least a year before any real repurcusions. However, once those lights are on continuously, it will be hard to sell it.

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    Been reading for a while.

    Been reading for a while. My 03 HCH (CRV) with 150,000 is giving the dreaded diagnostic of low catalytic converter performance. First estimate, $3500 for both converters.

    Q - are there two converters and should they be replaced together?

    Q - I have found several sites listing converters for between $100 and $400. Are they POS or can they do the job?

    Q - No battery messages yet - soon to come as indicated by discussion above or are some batteries lasting into the 200,000 mile range?

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    I have an '09 civic hybrid

    I have an '09 civic hybrid with only 23,00 miles. the ima light and engine light turned on. I called my local dealer and they said would cost me about$90 to have them a diagnosis. I filed a complaint with the BBB. I'm still waiting for a response, i don't think i should have to pay for that, the car is fairly new!

    Now the IMA light has turned off but the check engine light has remained one....Still waiting for a response from Honda!

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    Similar experience to

    Similar experience to Chuck's - I got the check engine light diagnosed at the dealership, and they told me both converters needed replacing. A competing shop said just one was bad, I replaced it ($1200) but not long after the other needed replacing too. Apparently if you replace one you might as well do both. My IMA light is not coming on but the car performance seems unchanged. 130K miles on mine.

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    Check these prices out for

    Check these prices out for third party cc units:

    <http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/search/?searchType=global&N=0&Ntt=catalytic+converter&sub mit=>

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    Guess there is a screen for

    Guess there is a screen for direct links. here's that address;


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    gd-- it.


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    My 2003 honda civic hybrid

    My 2003 honda civic hybrid IMA light is on. Replaced the "regular" battery, but did not help. Sometimes my car will not start, and I have to jump it. I do not have the $$$ to replace the IMA battery. I am just out of my extended warranty by about 7K miles. I have 107K on it. Sounds all too familiar with what everyone else is going through.

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