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    My 2004 HCH has approx. 91K

    My 2004 HCH has approx. 91K on it. Last night, about halfway into my 3 hour drive home from San Diego, the check engine light and IMA light came on. They both stayed on all the rest of the way home. When I turned on my car this morning to go to work, only the check engine light was on and the IMA light was not. Any idea on what would cause this problem? I am worried about having to deal with the dealer who will mostly likely charge me way more money than needed for this issue. ANy suggestions?

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    I too have had continuing

    I too have had continuing problems with the "engine warning light" on my 2003 HCH. I bought it at 40k km
    and now it has almost 100k km. About 5000 km ago, my Honda dealer declared that the catalytic converter
    may be faulty, as the engine warning light was turning on, turning off, etc. The cost to repair was given
    at $3000 or so.

    I've switched to a local repair shop, and on advice of the mechanic continue to drive with the engine warning
    light glowing uncomfortably. I cannot detect any difference in the performance.

    After 3 years of ownership, I'm convinced that I was an idiot to buy the HCH. I certainly will NOT return
    to the Honda dealership unless the problem is under waranty.

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    Civic Hybrid 2003, 80,000

    Civic Hybrid 2003, 80,000 miles, standard -- Engine light and IMA light came on -- battery light also came on when I stopped the car. Took it to the dealer. They got best mechanic on it and were communicating with Honda. Said the sensors needed to be replaced. That's over $600. My question: do both sensors always need to be replaced or is it possible that only one sensor might need to be replaced? And can a mechanic only tell that after taking out the rear seat and checking manually, or does finding that out require a computer check? Thanks.

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    >Said the sensors needed to

    >Said the sensors needed to be replaced. That's over $600. My question: do both sensors always need >to be replaced or is it possible that only one sensor might need to be replaced?

    What sensor? O2 sensor (there are two)? Motor Commutation sensor (there are three)? Motor current sensor (there are three)?

    O2 sensors (on the exhaust): maybe both or maybe just one. What error codes did you have?

    Commutation sensors (in the electric motor) about $60 each and usually only one

    Current sensors (behind the back seat) only one and I sell all three of them together for $100

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    The other day my Check

    The other day my Check Engine Light and IMA lights both came on. However I Did Not Panic and make a call to the Dealer or go to the Dealer. The car was still functioning properly with NO obvious stuttering or
    malfunctions. I figured there must be an obvious reason for these trouble indicators to come on at the same time.. I have a 2003 SULEV Honda Civic Hybrid with Manual 5 speed transmission and with 53,000
    Miles. This car was purchased New in April 2003 and is now 7 GOOD long years old with NO problems until now with the above indications. I have in my possession an AutoCan OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader (DTC), which I used on my 1996 Saturn. This device purchased online for $23.00. I checked the codes and here are the results.
    P1600 Loss of KAM Power (Keep Alive Memory) Open Circuit.
    P1449 Evaporative Check Selenoid Circuit Malfunction.
    I was due for an Oil and Oil Filter Change so I decided to do those changes myself. I had been taking my car to the dealer regularly for these services.. The Oil and filter change is outlined in the users Manual and is very easy and takes about 30 minutes. I decided to check
    the air filter to see if it also needed changing.. When I opened the cover to the air filter located right on top of the Motor I discovered the potential problem. Aparently this filter had never been changed since the car was new. It was so dirty and clogged that it was a darkish brown black and really clogged with gunk. I replaced it from Autozone and wrapped up my maintenance.
    I also checked the fuse box for obvious open circuits. I started the engine and the two problem indicators were still on.. So with my AutoCan device I did another Scan and also a Reset while scanning to try resetting and clearing the indicators. No Luck they still remained on. However after two or three short trips around the area for errands the car still seemed to be functioning normal. Then on the very next time I started the car the IMA light went out. Then the next day the Check
    Engine Light went out and neither indicator has come back on. This all happened in a span of about 4 days. When the Check Engine Light went out I immediately scanned with my AutoCan DTC device for the trouble codes indicated above. The P1600 code was still there so while scanning I hit the reset button to clear the code and IT WENT AWAY. NO other codes
    indicated and I don't know what happened to the P1449 code. Keep in mind these codes and Lights are Warning Indicators of a potential problem but what the relationship to the problems I had and the codes are a mystery.
    DON'T PANIC. Do Your Home Work..

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    We had a malfunction

    We had a malfunction indicator light so we took it to dealership. We believe after talking to a friend that this is not indicative of any need to replace the converter. We did not know this ahead of time and were charged $1269.99 to replace rear NOX converter. Do not replace your converter. They
    should last the lifetime of car; the malfunction light is incorrect.

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    For the second time in the

    For the second time in the past 6 months, the engine and IMA lights have come on in my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (CVT). Both times it has been after the car has been parked for a week. The first time it was the coldest week of the year (highs between 7 and 15 degrees for a week) but this second time was normal spring week. In both instances the car appears to be driving and otherwise behaving normally.

    After the first time this happened I immediately took it in to the dealer and paid them $65 to tell me that although the code was P1447 indicating battery pack deterioration, everything tested fine.

    This time I went over the to Autozone and had them read the codes. They were P1600 and P1449. when they looked those up in the store, they couldn't find these codes specific to Honda. I've spent an hour trying to find these codes on the internet and so far no luck.

    Any ideas what these codes are?

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    somehow I missed the post

    somehow I missed the post just two before mine that says the P1600 and P1449 codes are Loss of KAM Power (Keep Alive Memory) Open Circuit and Evaporative Check Selenoid Circuit Malfunction, respectively.

    The P1600 code seems to be a relatively generic one from what I've seen on the greenhybrid.com site but P1449 has several possibilities according to the site http://hondaaccord.wikidot.com/obd-codes

    Battery Cell Overheating
    Battery Module Individual Voltage Input Deviation
    Battery Module Deterioration
    Battery Module Deviation

    I guess I have a potential battery pack problem at only 100K miles. but why does it only show up after the car has been parked for a while?

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    hi i have civic 2003

    i have civic 2003 hybrid
    i need solving for my proplem in malfunction and IMA
    more time the lamp on i solved it three time but after one day or tow day the lamp back on

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    hi and i have problem (P

    and i have problem (P 1900)
    plz any one help me

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