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    I have an 03 civic which has

    I have an 03 civic which has left me stranded multiple times. Every time it left me stranded i had just filled up my gas from E to F at the same gas station and about 5-20 miles later my car stalls WHILE IM DRIVING ON THE HIGHWAY! very scary!...the first time i called AAA and by the time they got out to my car they started it and it didn't have a problem i continued to drive it and fill it up when needed. They said it could have been bad gas. About a month later (2 days ago) i filled my tank up from E to F at the Same gas station and it stalled on me again, this time it had a harder time starting back up and i did end up toeing it to my mechanic (not a honda dealer-i don't trust them). They said that they are driving the car about 15-20 miles and it didni't give them any problems. By this point when i took it to the shop my check engine light was on as well as my maintenance required light. They did a diagnostic test and found something wrong with CODE 30340.


    miles on car 74,000
    and it is stick shift

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    Hi Meggan; I am sorry to

    Hi Meggan;

    I am sorry to hear you don't trust your dealer. Sometimes dealers can really fuddle things up for a customer. With that said, only a "good" dealer can service your car properly, primarily with the help of the HDS station.

    However, this is one case where any amount of extra trust you have for your own mechanic may not to give you the answer you seek. And even if your mechanic was a qualified and certified hybrid technician (which I doubt he is) he would still not have access to the information/tools and knowledge base that is often needed to service a Honda hybrid vehicle properly. Sorry, this whole hybrid thing is just out of their league regardless of how good they are as "mechanics".

    However, I would check the usual things for that type of car. The EGR valve is typically something worth looking into at this point... and in the absence of a genuine Honda trouble code sequence.

    Cheers & Good luck


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    I bought new Honda IMA civic

    I bought new Honda IMA civic manual in London in Sept 2003 and it has 50K on the clock now. The clutch was was completely worn out to the rivets and therefore replaced at 20K at my expense despite my protests that I drive ever so carefully and do not ride the clutch. The engine fault light came on at 45K and once again they replaced my O2 sensor at my expense. Now the IMA light has come on and the battery apparently is not recharging. They insist on opening the gearbox at my expense and refuse to cover it under warranty notwithstanding that it is a IMA problem which I understand is covered under warranty for 7 years. I am very confused and agitated. I would love some advice on what I should do next.

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    I need advice! We own an 03

    I need advice! We own an 03 HCH with 150K miles (manual trans) that has been through many of the issues reported: 3 catalytic converters, no A/C, and most recently the IMA battery and A/C compressor need replacing. I have worked well with Honda in terms of getting this last cat. conv. paid for by them (even though it was out of warranty) but have given up on any support from them in terms of the IMA battery after 3 phone calls. I have 2 real problems at this point:
    1- How to get the most value for the old car? There's clearly no trade in value for this car but it has a brand-new cat. conv and many other great, valuable components. Two dealers laughed at me when I inquired about even a $500 trade-in value.
    2- We also own an 08 HCH that has only 22K miles on it. However, knowing now what we do about the life span on these batteries, I feel there is nothing environmental or sustainable about a car's life expectancy only lasting 150K miles. Of course, we'd be losing some money to trade this in for a used vehicle that has a better reputation for 150-200K+ mileage (we're looking for durability as well as good gas mileage). Do the newer batteries have any better longevity than the originals in the 03 models? My father's 03 IMA battery died within 3 weeks of mine, and my local dealer told me he saw 3 other 03 models come in that same week with the same problem.

    thanks for any advice and sorry for the long posting!

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    Hi Sandi; The newer

    Hi Sandi;

    The newer batteries are indeed better and are usually installed with a new battery control module which guarantees a much longer and more reliable life. I would definitely consider replacing the battery pack on a 2003 because it would still not cost much more than a transmission overhaul.
    If you get a new battery, I suggest you invest some time in learning how to extend its life- it all has to do with driving technique. There's no reason why a new battery won't last the life of the car if you learn to drive it well. With this said, manual transmission models are usually more vulnerable in the battery department because of lugging and heavy use of electric assist. That is why Honda will no longer make hybrids with a manual transmission.

    Look, if the car is in good condition (for a 6 year old car) and nothing else needs major repair then it is just a matter of attending to the major items which is still less expensive than purchasing a new car.

    But if you consider selling it then check their prices on ebay and other nation wide sellers, local markets are usually very poor unless you live in a major urban center. Ebay alone should give you a pretty good idea how much yours is worth even with a failing battery pack.
    Speaking of eBay, you may also locate a used battery pack and install that instead. Many are sold for $900 or less.

    Lastly, keep pressing Honda. Do so with persistence but be cordial... and visit alternate dealers for second opinions. Many times the amount of progress depends more on the dealer than anything else.



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    Hi, I own a 2003 Honda Civic

    I own a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid equipped with a CVT. It has approximately 141k miles on it. (I live in CA).

    Recently the IMA light came on and I took it to the dealer to get it checked out. The dealer indicated that there were 2 problems - IMA System Malfunction (Code 1601) and Battery module deterioration (Code 1447). He quoted a charge of ~$3k to get the problem fixed and install a new battery. He said that since my car was a "ULEV" and not an "SULEV" , it is not covered under the 10yr/150k IMA warranty.

    I checked at the Honda web-site and indeed noted that the SULEV is covered for 10yrs/150k miles while the ULEV is only covered for 8yrs/80k miles.

    My question is if anyone has had success with getting the warranty coverage for the IMA system for a ULEV '03 HCH? From what I recall, back in 2002 when I bought this '03 Hybrid, they were only one type of HCH that Honda was selling, so I am not sure why they have not extended the warranty to all hybrids...

    Btw, the mileage on the HCH has dropped to ~41mpg in the last few weeks (it used to give 44-45mpg before), and the pickup is sluggish. But is pretty much drive-able. And the IMA light has mysteriously disappeared in the last few days..

    Any suggestions on next steps?



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    Hi, I own a 2003 Honda Civic

    I own a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid equipped with a CVT. It has approximately 95k miles. Until Last week everything was fine. I was out of station and my Vehicle was untouched for a Week. Today i was back and when I started, I saw IMA Battery showed full Charge and got discharged within few seconds and Check Engine and IMA Light is ON. When i stop during drive, Battery symbol light gets ON and when I accelerate it goes off.
    I am thinking due to a Week time of non driving, IMA battery got discharged and now not getting Charged back.
    I haven't checked with Dealer yet, because it was late today to check with them.
    Any Suggestions before going to dealer?
    Would driving with this indications cause further any issues?
    Is there any Chance IMA battery will start recharging back?


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    Hi all: My '03 HCH has just

    Hi all:
    My '03 HCH has just experienced the exact problem described above - 91K, no problems to date, but this morning, after 5 days parked, the CEL, IMA & battery indicators are on. Took the car directly to the dealer this morning and was told the IMA battery has failed, requires replacement.

    I'll have to consider whether replacing is worth the cost (and thanks for all the informative posts in this regard). I'm also curious - what are the potential risks / harm to vehicle & driver from operating the car without a functioning IMA?


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    Now, I'm feeling fortunate

    Now, I'm feeling fortunate to have had no unusual maintenance issues, since I, too, have a 2003 Honda Civic hybrid. With almost 120,000 miles, I have the same question as the previous commenter. Since the car can run on gas, is it absolutely necessary to replace the IMA? It's obvious from my most recent experience, that the car continued for miles, with the engine light on, after it had just had a computer up-date, and I was told that it might need a new Knox cell (?). Please explain the function of the Knox cell and if the car can run safely without the IMA. Thank you.

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    My 2003 HCH has 175k on it.

    My 2003 HCH has 175k on it. The IMA light came on today. The battery pack appears to be charging just fine, acceleration is normal, and the mileage is fine (I live in the mountains and it's actually better now than it was this time last year). I brought the car to the shop to swap my summer tires for winter tires two days ago. The shop did a "courtesy" inspection of the car, where they checked fluid levels and the battery charge. Could they have blown something in the electronics with their charge testing? Could the fact that they didn't put the dipstick for the transmission fluid back in all the way (so air and dirt could easily get in) have caused an issue? I'm really not happy about this...

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