I have an 03 civic which has left me stranded multiple times. Every time it left me stranded i had just filled up my gas from E to F at the same gas station and about 5-20 miles later my car stalls WHILE IM DRIVING ON THE HIGHWAY! very scary!...the first time i called AAA and by the time they got out to my car they started it and it didn't have a problem i continued to drive it and fill it up when needed. They said it could have been bad gas. About a month later (2 days ago) i filled my tank up from E to F at the Same gas station and it stalled on me again, this time it had a harder time starting back up and i did end up toeing it to my mechanic (not a honda dealer-i don't trust them). They said that they are driving the car about 15-20 miles and it didni't give them any problems. By this point when i took it to the shop my check engine light was on as well as my maintenance required light. They did a diagnostic test and found something wrong with CODE 30340.


miles on car 74,000
and it is stick shift