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    Quote Originally Posted by steved28 View Post
    Hi all,

    New proud owner of the Altima hybrid as of today. Like another poster, I also purchased mine in N. Attleboro MA. Jeez I love this car so far. I got an 07 model off the lot. It has the convenience package and a sunroof, It listed for 28 and change. I have no idea if I got a good deal, been buying cars for 30 years and never really knew what a good deal was. But I paid 23.5K for this one, and they threw in a portable navigation system. (they had a special for remote car starters until I explained to them that it wouldn't work in a hybrid, so they changed it to the nav system)

    definitely a great deal. enjoy your car!

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    I also live in TX and am

    I also live in TX and am getting ready to buy a hybrid and am researching the options...why are some of these only offered in certain states?
    I'm willing to pay somewhat extra considering the many reasons to go to a hybrid but am not sure why they have chosen to not make models available to all consumers equally.

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    the NAH is only available in

    the NAH is only available in states who have adopted CA emission standards

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