Forum newbie here. My two year lease is about to expire on my regular Altima and I am excited about getting a new hybrid version. Even though I live in Boston, I understand that inventory is not great. It's also my understanding that Nissan is taking a loss on the hybrid model. I would like to go with the fully loaded version, particularly for the Bluetooth option), even though I may have to put in an order and wait a couple weeks for it to arrive. I would take the standard model though.

From what I've been reading on the Web, since I know exactly what I want I may be able to get a better deal by calling around to Internet sales managers for quotes. But I've never bought a car this way and all things considered with inventory and Nissan's loss, I'm not sure what the best way of doing all this is. Especially with a hybrid model.

Also, as I mentioned I was only thinking of the getting the higher end version because of Bluetooth but I guess I could always just get a headset....?

One more question, any thoughts how this car will handle in NE driving conditions?

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice would be seriously most appreciated!