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    2 problems with ethanol: 1)

    2 problems with ethanol:
    1) we're burning food while people starve
    2) The amount of energy required to grow some crops (corn) is nearly as much as one gets out of the ethanol, ie, one would be nearly as well off just burning the oil in you car, that is needed to produce and transport corn, then ferment and refine the ethanol.
    Many studies have shown this but I'll leave the research up to you.

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    LOL I'm amazed anybody fell

    LOL I'm amazed anybody fell for this 'report' in the first place. You must not have any critical thinking skills whatsoever. Tell me, what's it like going through life believing EVERYTHING you hear?

    Next time you hear something extraordinary, find a 12-year-old to give her your opinion on the voracity of the claims...and if she says it's crap, do a little more digging.

    Good luck! Enjoy your H1 LOL <3

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    The costs mentioned in the

    The costs mentioned in the report are not the actual costs to any-ones wallet, but the environmental costs/impact of all the energy and materials used to design, make and run etc. the vehicle from when someone first had the initial idea for the vehicle to when it is scrapped.
    A lot of the comments and reviews I've seen seem to have missed this fact.
    They converted the impact to dollars because everyone understands them and they are more tangible than joules and Kw etc.
    I aggree that the report isn't perfect but I havn't seen or heard of anything better, or even another report attempting to do the same thing.

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    It seems like Prius owners

    It seems like Prius owners can not take any criticism. I saw a TV report the other day that talked about the problem that Toyota has with Prius production, and why the lead time is so long is that is that they can not produce the batteries to keep up with demand. That is probably why they are willing to take back batteries from crashed cars. The batteries use precious metals that are not plentiful from recycled sources and need to be mined and processed which both contribute to the high environmental impact cost, as well as the disposal cost at end of life. I looked at the Prius and other hybrids, and, being an engineer who is also an environmentalist found that they displace their environmental impact to where the user does not see it, and that most people that buy them are really looking for the gas mileage (and yes, they can act smug thinking they are being trendy and green). At the end of the day I bought an old body style Xb. The car gets 36mpg on the highway, 34 around town and it is a very low tech car which minimizes the amount of circuitry to dispose of at the end of the day.

    The CNW report Hummer from what I recall is a H1 version - the original military version. As for its lifetime, these vehicles are the modern day equivalent of the old army jeep and the old Dodge powerwagons that were used by the military. Those vehicles, some of which were built in the 1940s, are still heavily in demand and have continued through the decades to clock hundreds of thousands of miles. No, none of these vehicles are low pollution vehicles, nor are they the highest reliability vehicles, but they are simply built so they can be field serviced, and have very little plastic in them. When you look at the dust to dust impact of a H1 you do not find them in the scrap yards as the collectors buy them up and restore them as fast as they can get them. This will continue through history as the other military vehicles have shown. I don't think the Prius will hold that level of ownership over time.

    I think the bottom line on the report is that the Prius and the Hummer are apples and oranges and should not be directly compared. If you are really concerned about the environment then you will buy a low emissions vehicle. If you are like most Prius owners then you are really buying the car for its gas mileage, and the ability to say that you drive a Prius. Most (not all) really do not dig that far into what the real overall environmental impact of the car is but will defend their car until they die. I would too if I spent that amount of money and had to wait 6 months to get my car. They should not be annoyed by this study. At over $70K for a H1 hummer which has a totally different purpose in life than the Prius they might as well have compared it to a city bus.

    Cool your jets and keep your tire pressure maxed...

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    The solution all of these

    The solution all of these problems is the Jetta Clean Diesel TDI, 44 mpg by an independent researcher and you always have the option to run it on old vegi oil bypassing fossil fuels all together. When driving a prius you'll always be dependant on mostly foreign fossil fuel.

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    If we are waiting for the

    If we are waiting for the car manufacturers to build a car good for the envirement and good for us then you will not live long enough. They are selling us a car that only lasts so long and that is it. They have a good marketing system now because everyone is concerned about the greenhouse gases. If you sell a car that is in good repair and gets average mileage and buy a hybrid to save the envirement , you just did more harm than you will ever return over the life of that vehicle. I am a manufacturer , and I make very high quality ironwork for the simple reason that it will last almost forever. The cars are not designed this way. They have a lifetime and that is it. If anyone has a computer at home and sees how often it has to be upgraded and fixed you will see part of the problem. You have a lot of computers in cars today and they are driving down bumpy roads and we expect them to last forever. They just aren't. When I saw you can't even look out the back window of a Prius, you have a computer and camera I was shocked. That is just poor design. We like it until we have to back it up by looking at our TV screen. I don't like Prius or any other hybrid that says it is saving the envirement. That is not in any car manufacturers interests. It is in their interests to sell you a new car every few years. They have us on the band wagon to save the envirement. They don't care. As long as we buy a new car every few years that is all they want.
    I know a 2007 Camry that gets 50 MPG on the highway and they are touting the Prius with that. Now you tell me why I should buy a new car that will get the same mileage and worse on the highway. I have and old Dodge pickup that is 20 yrs old and gets 30 MPG and it will carry the Prius in the back and still get about 26 MPG. If I sold this old workhorse and bought the new Prius it would be a shame. I would be doing more harm to the enviroment than I would ever repay.
    We just have to remember that the car manufacturers are selling cars, that is their business. How they get us to buy them is called marketing. Right now they are doing a real good job at it and again we are sucked right into their scheme.

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    although yes the cars have

    although yes the cars have to come from overseas,but thats life and is part of the total raiting,to decommission the power cell is very expensive,and like yellow cake nice till you need to get rid of it!! ever tried to re-condition an electric motor at home ,on a good weekend and a few beers i can do a cars motor,green is really only a colour,
    overall, since the 70's when i was young,consumers have been told we need mobile phones cd,dvd,vcr,more than 1 car,and the list goes on,i really think we are being sold a real crock,

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