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    Vehicle problems, difficulties, design flaws

    I guess we'll have some issues with this car. Might as well start this thread now.

    Here's the first Altima hybrid bulletin (nothing serious):


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    Looks like a Serious Problem but it's not!!!

    Well I learned something today that every Nissan Altima Hybrid owner should be aware of.

    Yesterday, I had an 'incident' where ALL the lights were on, the brake was off and when I put the car in Drive... No Go!!!

    I determined that if you turn the vehicle off before shifting into Park and then turn it back on you will get the same result. All lights on but no response in Park or Reverse. The solution is to turn the vehicle off, shift into Park, then turn the vehicle on. The bottom line is the vehicle will not go if you do not Start in Park. Makes sense!

    I'll update this Thread if there are any changes or if I learn anything new.

    Still Loving My Car!!!

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    Just a simple question, why would you turn the vehicle off in anything other than park? I am in the midst of placing my order for one.


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    I'm sure it's similar but on the Prius turning off the car(power button) puts the car in park. I've yet to turn on the power and not find it in park. I rarely put it in park unless I'm getting out for just a moment or two and plan to jump right back in. Enjoy your new ride.

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    Good Question!

    You know Larry, that is a good question.

    I'm not sure why I did that or why I am ABLE to do that. Strange!

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    I've never been in a Prius, but the Altima has the normal automatic transmission, with the exception of the B, instead of the 3, 2, 1 gears.
    You have to put it in Drive or Reverse to drive it, and Park to park it. I guess you could use Neutral and the emergency brake, but I gave that up with the manual transmission. (Even then, I'd put it back in gear to park it AND add the parking brake.)

    Lovin my NAH!

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