This car has nothing to really offer as far as real savings or driveability!

We have over 50,000 miles on ours, and it is a pain to drive and to keep up with the maintenance! It is NOT a cold weather car, as in cold, snow, ice. It has ZERO traction except on perfectly dry hard pavement. You cannot wear gloves and drive this car, the gloves interefere with various buttons and controls.

You cannot tow this car from say an icy spot, it will not get itself out of anything like a small slippery incline (call the $100 wrecker).

The car wanders down the highway at it's whim! Just moves all over the lanes. Tire wear is atrocious! Well into second set of tires at 50,000 miles.

The fuel savings is not that great over a more standard compact car. Save money by purchasing a standard car! And working with the dealership! WOW!!
Dealers treat these cars (our dealer anyway) like it is precious metal and charge an arm and a leg for simple things! Heaven forbid anything major occurs!

Toyota, good idea, but please market these cars in California only, they are not northern cars, I.E. Michigan with snow, ice, and sleet.