new to forum, sorry if this is a mispost

Ok, as a monumental project,
I have decided to convert my gas guzzling 1969 firebird into i believe what people call a "mini-hybrid", without totally breaking practicality nor the bank.

so heres the plan,
slice the ends of my axels, replacing the ends with somewhere around 3-4 hp motors that connect directly to the wheels. (no gearing losses, one for each of my four wheels) these are basically like the starter motors on your car.

this would give me an acceleration assist, as well as a regenerative braking system.

add a much larger alternator, or possibly an actual generator (have experience with these from working on a 1930 model a, in generator days)

need a computer controlled power delivering system. (im not too strong in this field)

throw a whole lot of batteries in it, replacing the back seat, as well as the trunk.

As much critique and technical insight as possible please, this isnt going to be easy.

Steven Sullivan