I have been trying to talk to people about my idea for a sealed loop steam plant using electrode steam generation feeding a steam turbine that will make electricity to be used in an electric motor that inturn operates the car. I realize that Jaguar just put out a car using a small turbine powered car, but they are using 4 motors (one on each wheel) I wonder what happens if one of those motors fails while you are driving down the road. All the engineers I speak with start out by telling me "you can't build a perpetual machine." I am not proposing that. I am say that if al our submarines and aircraft carriers do it this way, why can we not adapt this technology to making electric cars and trucks (tractor trailers) that get a lot more out of a charge than 40miles. I know that Nissan says their Leaf will go 100miles, but if you look at the data on their website that is only obtainable if you drive 38mph, and the outside temp is between 62 and 72 degrees F, over relatively flat terrain. Any changes to these parameters adversely affect the range. What the car manufactureres will do is offer this and the volt for 26-30K and when they don't sell well, they will say, "Americans aren't interested in Electric Vehicles." As a person who drive 80miles a day to work each day I would love to have a vehicle that uses zero gas. But one that is so expensive and is only good to go to the store and back on a charge is useless.