I purchased a 2008 FEH in March. When the car had 500 miles on it I took a trip on a day that was hotter than normal - low 90's. After 20 miles I got the "stop safely" message along with the exclamation mark in the triangle warning light and the car cut off. I coasted over to the shoulder, turned the car off, and then back on and it started with no warning lights. I thought this must be a fluke so I went on down the road. The same problem happened again a couple of miles later. I then decided it was best to head home. After about 10 more episodes, I did get home. I took the car in and the dealer diagnosed it as the electric water pump for the electric motor cooling system was inoperative. They replaced it. I thought it was weird to have such a failure with a new car, but it sounded plausible. No further problem for the next 1500 miles.

A couple of weeks ago I head out on another trip and again it happens to be in the low 90s. I get 60 miles from home and the same problem as above happens. This time it takes me hours to get back home. Figuring the problem was definitely heat related, we pulled over at a rest stop for an hour and sure enough I was able to go about 20 miles before the thing failed again. Needless to say I am not happy.

I took the car in to the dealer. They checked it out and tried to get it to fail for a week. They said they were consulting with Ford engineers. Finally last week they got it to fail. The diagnosis is that there is something wrong with the electric motor that is causing overheating. The fix is to replace the electric motor. To add insult to injury they say that it will take 2 weeks to get the new motor from Ford.

So here I have a brand new $30K car, getting its main hybrid drive replaced by a dealer who says they have never seen this before -- which obviously means they have no experience replacing the motor. So how confident should I be in this course of action? Suggestions?