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    You guys need to write your

    You guys need to write your Congressmen and demand the repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax! Then you would get the hybrid credit.

    But bear in mind Our Leader-Elect want us to be Patriotic and pay more taxes.

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    Anyone who is married try to

    Anyone who is married try to file seperately and have their spouse claim all of the other credits (child, child care, mortgate interest, property taxes)? And themselves take only the Hybrid credit (assuming that one person who isn't taking the credits would owe).

    My wife has more taxes taken out than I do, so if we file seperately (without touching the hybrid credit), she woud get a credit and I would owe. I wonder if I could then use at least part of the credit to offset some of this (though I wouldn't get the full $2200 I initially hoped for from my Tahoe hybrid).

    Anyone have any input on this?

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    Just got my letter from the

    Just got my letter from the IRS that my 2009 Hybrid Vehicle tax credit was limited due to AMT (even though we were not subject to the AMT). So all the letter writing to the congressman and senators did nothing. Nowhere in the tax forms or AMT forms does it explain that the credit may be limited. The credit did come into play when considering the vehicle and determining the breakeven point financially vs. purchasing a cheaper a non-hybrid vehicle.

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