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    First of all, if you honestly believe that you are helping Americas "gas crisis" and stoping "pollution" by buying a Hybrid car, YOU ARE A MORON.
    Fact 1 - A Hybrid car STILL uses GAS. Your not saving american soldiers in iraq, your not telling "Big Oil" to screw themselves, All your doing by buying a hybrid is adding to the gas crisis by showing that you don't care if you only get 15to20mpg more than a non-hybrid car, especally when you spend $10,000 or more to have that coveted "Hybrid Car".
    Fact 2 - Hybrids get what 50mpg to 60mpg if that, wow, non hybrid cars such as Volkswagon diesels get 40mpg to 50mpg as well as honda civics and other toyata non-hybrids that get well over 30mpg, without having to use the much vaunted "electric engine" and with a cost that is thousands of dollars less than a hybrid.
    (What a concept, if you by a car that gets 20mpg LESS than a hybrid, for say $5000 LESS than a Hybrid You now would not have to worry about gas seeing that $5000 in your pocket is worth at least 3 years in gas. "But if I buy a Hybrid for $5000 more I will save on gas!", Sure you will, If your a MORON. You will pay thousands of dollars more for car that saves a couple 10-20mpg,
    SIMPLE MATH = Can a Hybrid save money?
    Non-Hybrid car - I can buy a $5000 non-hybrid used car and put $2000 away for gas for 2 years, Now I have a car for $7000 with gas for 2 years.
    Hybrid car - $20,000+ and add the gas for 2 years to that, only $1500 for gas for 2 years compared to $2000 for a non-Hybrid because hybrids get "such" better gas milage.
    So in conclusion - Does the hybrid car "really" save you money? hum, $7,000 compared to $20,000 plus.
    Fact 3 - How much pollution is put in the air from the production plants making these completly worthless Hybrid cars.
    Conclusion - Some people think that by buying a hybrid car that they are helping save Americans, the communtiy, the planet, etc.
    Please see through the "HYBRID HYPE" and REALIZE that HYBRID CARS STILL USE GAS!!!
    And if you are still using GAS you are not solving any "problems" related to the gas crisis, you are only further perpetuating the current gas crisis.

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    The hybrid electric powertrain will become a standard

    Hi TheTruth,

    Thank you for the honest opinion. I do not take it as a hybrid hate.

    What would you have thought about the transistor after it was invented, see how big and ugly it was, also it was expensive.
    Would you have stopped this development 60 years ago because there was no cellphone or laptop yet. May be you would have supported it, having intuition about its potential.

    Now please read here:
    "On the powertrain side, the internal combustion engine will continue to improve and evolve with advances in emission control and fuel efficiency. The hybrid electric powertrain will become a standard option for consumers when buying vehicles."
    You write about "Volkswagon diesels" - I expect to see soon Volkswagen bio-diesel-hybrid.

    Do you think the oil people like this type of science, research and practical implementation? They do not understand physics and electronics and they control enormous economical power as it is; why study - it is not easy. I do not expect they will volunteer to share their power with people who have taken courses in solid state electronics. Do I? - http://www.bp.com/multipleimagesecti...tentId=3050769 - the real world is more fantastic than one can imagine - keep your eyes open.
    I do not hate Exxon Mobil, only I do not stop at their gas stations until they recognize officially the science about the global warming.

    But the whole point was not about technical or price discussion.
    It was that somebody makes a big impression about giving substantial incentives to compensate partially for the price difference you are writing about (and we believed it), while intending to spend as less as possible. According to some conspiracy theories this could be related to the above ("Who killed the electric car?" - did you see the movie?).

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    PBS, NOW, Friday May 12, 2007

    Here is how the oil companies are being treated – not like the hybrid buyers.

    "After filing a lawsuit under the False Claims Act, which protects and encourages whistleblowers, Maxwell lost his job. This week, NOW talks with Maxwell about the personal and professional price he says he paid in pursuit of fairness, and examines an industry under fire for keeping too much of the enormous revenue it makes for drilling on land and waters owned by us all. Are oil and gas companies being protected—and even feted—by the government agency charged with regulating them?"

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    Well, I agree with *some* of the statements by a previous poster that the married w/children crowd already enjoy many tax benefits. Finally a tax benefit that benefits us single people with no kids. Whoulda thunk it!

    I can understand as well, however, that this credit's limitations did fly a bit under the radar and caught people off gaurd.

    On the other hand, I've seen many, many sites that warn you to check with your tax professional before considering this credit a "done deal". <shrug>

    I guess I'm in the minority - I really thoroughly research a vehicle purchase - everything from driveability to warranty options to manufacturer incentives. It is a huge financial commitment for me and I don't want to be saddled with a 20k albatross nor do I want to realize in a year I could have saved several thousand by putting in a couple dozen hours of homework.

    I ran across the limitations of this credit pretty fast in my attempt to see whether a hybrid pencils out over the long run. I'm still debating whether going with a hybrid is the way to go.

    From what I've seen, they are, by and large, still "toys" for 2-income households and the semi-affluent. I find it ironic because in the 80s and 90s a slimmed down vehicle with great gas mileage was the territory of the starving college kid. Now it's a status item. Gotta love this country.

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    Please add "or a close to pay AMT" in:


    "As long as the AMT remains in effect, any future legislation that gives tax payer credits for energy conservation will exclude the growing number of Americans who pay {as we figured out we we can add here: or a close to pay AMT}. Any serious government proposal about encouraging consumers to buy hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric cars, or flex-fuel vehicles via tax credits must consider the effects of the AMT."

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    If this ticks you off


    The end of the article:
    - - - - - - -
    Bad news for AMT victims

    One last need-to-know fact: You will be stiffed out of all or part of your rightful vehicle tax credit if you get hooked by the dreaded alternative minimum tax (AMT) for the year you buy the vehicle. Why? Because none of the credits explained in this article can be used to reduce an individual taxpayer's federal income-tax bill below his or her AMT liability amount (reduced by certain other credits).

    If this ticks you off, write to your lawmakers to demand the repeal of the AMT. {! }

    This article was reported and written by Bill Bischoff for SmartMoney.

    Published Sept. 13, 2007

    - - - - - - - -

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    Dear Zakarious, I appreciate

    Dear Zakarious,

    I appreciate your contribution to this discussion. However, I believe that you may have misinterpreted the complaints of other contributors. It seems to me that the main concern of these bloggers is the fact that the tax credit that is listed is not the tax credit that people have been receiving, and that there are so many caveats to the offer that plenty of people have been mislead by our government.

    I did not buy my hybrid to receive a tax credit, but rather to promote a more sustainable way of driving in a car-infested and oil-obsessed country. I believe this to be true of the majority of hybrid owners. However, when something is promised to us (anyone-- not just hybrid owners) by the government, it should be a solid promise and not a vacant one.

    On a more personal note, while I have not read a single post condemning the non-hybrid drivers who are receiving other returns, your post seemed to put blame on individuals who have children, generalizing them as "indignant parents" who do not live within their means. While this may apply to some, it disturbs me that this characteristic is applied to every parent who files for a child tax credit.

    Again, thanks for writing. Your post made me think a lot (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this). I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that "encouraging people to buy more efficient cars" will produce a positive end result. Let's stay positive and work to make that happen.


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    Hmmm try to understand it

    Hmmm try to understand it better you might be wrong its just taxes I guess. When i was in school, i couldn't use all of my lifetime credit because i made too little money.

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    This is truly a very informative article, this will be very helpful to all hybrid car users as well as people on having plans to purchase one.
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