I humbly submit that Americans who achieve at least double the combined U.S. 'Corporate Average Fuel Economy' (CAFE) standards are 'Powered By America'.

Half of our petroleum fuel is imported in the U.S. So... if you get double the combined CAFE standard, you're only burning the American made half. Maybe if you burn less than half, you're 'SAVING America'?

For 2010 that's 23.5MPG, and 2011 that's 24.1MPG. VERY easy targets for hypermilers.

Of course, we can go 'stricter', and define it as JUST the passenger car requirements (27.5, 30.2 for 2010/2011). Just to make people work at it a LITTLE bit.

Or we can go 'more lenient', and go by known ACTUAL fuel economy (which only goes up to 2007, and includes lots of older cars). Then you pretty much make the cut just for driving a Prius with a lead foot. That might be too easy, but at least a few more hypermilers could play.

Anybody else here 'Powered By America', or want to at least TRY to be?