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    Excellent resource for oil

    Excellent resource for oil and filter change:

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    Re Honda Civic Hybrid 2006

    Re Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 108,000KM
    Thank you for your comments abouts the oil, you are right.
    NB After 100,000KM Honda reduce the price of his labour to lower rate
    Questions: Air pollen filter - can I buy at Walmart and change myself?
    Gas filter - what km should I change?
    Thank you!

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    You obviously don't know

    You obviously don't know enough about Hybrids if you're saying that you can do an oil change on a Hybrid just like any other car. Some of the "quick change" places won't even do an oil change on a Hybrid because they don't have the equipment to change the oil and check to make sure everything was done properly and they can be held liable. I recommend a dealership personally, or someplace you know is reputable and deals with Hybrids on a normal basis with proper equipment.

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    I'm curious. Aren't there

    I'm curious. Aren't there two different oils that should be used on an Insight. 20W for the engine and a special different kind for the CVT transmission?

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