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    Prius EV Mode Mileage

    If you have a Prius with the EV mode modification, from either CoastalTech or Sigma, I would like to know what difference (if any) you have realized in your mileage. Thanks.

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    I only noticed a small increase 1-2 mpg overall since you are only able to use it in certain instances to get a fuel economy increase.

    1. I use it to prevent the warm up cycle if I had just gotten back in from driving (ie drop the kids off at the daycare and start it back up again after 2 min) or moving it a small distance (ie out of the garage to wash it)

    2. I use it to prevent the ICE from kicking on a certain part of my city commute because right afterwards is a big downhill to recharge the battery.

    Otherwise, you will not see much of a difference since if you wear down the battery, the ICE willl just start up to recharge it. It was easy to install and cheap but you will not see a major increase.

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