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    12 Volt Battery 2001-2003 Prius

    My 2002 Prius is getting to the age where I am worried about the 12 volt "motorcycle" size battery failing. A Toyota replacement I am told is $190 and there may also be a $50 charge for a kit since the replacement battery is bigger and better and won't fit and/or connect without the kit.

    Doing some Google research I came across a battery from WestCo made for Mazda Miata and Prius that cost less than $100 including shipping and a kit for $25 (about half of Toyota... no surprise). Any body have experiance with this?


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    12v starter battery

    I own a 2003 Prius & my 12v battery has died on me nearly a dozen times. My dealer wants $300 to replace the battery.

    No, I have tried the kit you are talking about, but I am seriously considering it!

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    The battery in your trunk -

    The battery in your trunk - correct?
    item # SLIU1RT
    (in Houston $102.99 each) + installation $25ish
    We just now quoted for a 2001 Prius.
    (member Houston Electric Auto Assoc)

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