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    Odors from A/C or Defrost

    Anyone having the old stale air conditioning odor when running the A/C or defrost? I have 05 Prius with no other issues. Great MPG-52 in summer, 40 in winter. 34000 miles.

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    SSBeno, I'm guessing you don't use the AC very much if you're getting such great mileage in summer. Congratulations!

    But for us living where it's hotter than Hades in July, there are a few tricks. After you use the AC/defrost, every single time if you can remember, turn it off and blow the fan only on high. This will dry out the insides and prevent that used-cat-litter scent.

    It's not just hybrids that have the smell--it's anybody who uses AC without blowing it dry once in a while.

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