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    New "display" for $3800 ???

    I bought my 2004 Prius used 11 months ago, and love it. Recently I began to have some problems. The radio would shut off. A few minutes later it might turn back on. Then the display sometimes would quit showing the blinking arrows. Lately pressing the radio power button to turn it back on would sometimes take me to the Climate control screen!?!? Sounds like a short in the wiring to me. The dealer says I need a new "display" for $3800. This doesn't sound right. Any ideas / comments?

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    Having the same problem with

    Having the same problem with my 04 Prius. Just bought it used 2 weeks ago. Dealer was stringing me along and said it would take 6-8 weeks to find out if Toyota would fix it under the warranty or not. Called another Toyota dealer and their service department said they should fix it no matter what because it's under the 30 day warranty. Other dealer said I now need to bring it in and leave it so they can assess the problem and will give me a loaner.
    Price is right though according to dealer I talked with.

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    1. It is impossible to

    1. It is impossible to diagnose or repair a malfunctioning machine based on "It sometimes does ....". Trust me, I repair machines for a living.

    2. That being said, I think a very good possibility is a loose ground connection. You may have to pay a couple $$$ to have a mechanic (with a wiring diagram) check for bad ground points.

    All the circuts in a car eventually go to the ground. IF the ground is missing/bad, then voltage from control "A" can leak into device "B", causing all kind of strange behaviours when you hit a control button or switch.

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