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    electric highway

    how concieivable is it to construct a highway that could provide power to an electric vehicle just as electric trains are powered. If I had enough battery power for short trips, and an option to perhaps use the powered lane on the interstate, the problem of ev range would be solved. It might also be possible that you could have automatic driving, high speed convoys, and of course internet access for a fee collected electronically.

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    Buses have their own electric lanes in some cities, maybe they could be extended somehow. Something like that would be incentive for plug-in hybrid drivers...could be a toll lane...could even be run privately, like some texas toll roads are now.

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    When I used to drive my EV1 in San Francisco, I used to fantasize about putting trolley poles on it so I could connect to the electric bus catenary wires above some of the major streets. I'm sure this would be possible although I'm not sure about the economics or safety of it. Fast charging a battery at bathroom/food breaks is pretty simple and requires very little new infrastructure.

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    I have answers to all your

    I have answers to all your issues.
    I have sent a proposal to Persedent Obama just last night. I to have had the pleasure of driving the EV1.

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    Japans latest cars are to

    Japans latest cars are to use inductive charging - i.e. charging that utilises no wires. So I guess watch this space until there are highways which have inductive loops that allow charging as you go. Think this is still some time off, but if the technology was develpoed in busses, trams and trains it could drive the technology through

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