I will buy a Volt as soon as I can. If GM wants to reemerge as a world leader in auto productivity, they should recognize the incredible leverage this one car would give them. Years ago I was denied a job by GM, after scoring a 126 on their entrance exam, ( average score was around 80's something) because, quote... "You're too smart for the job you applied for". They were right! However, I've watched in a semi detached way as they have continued to demonstrate their inability to produce top people that can envision the FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILES and adapt their company to stay ahead of the curve. I'm amazed that they haven't taken the initiative long before now to position themselves for the greatest amount of market share of the WORLD by producing the VOLT. If they don't receive a bailout, maybe they will tell the world market they've been playing in, to "take a hike", start mass producing this car, then sit back and watch the rest of the worlds automakers try to play "catch up", WHILE THEY START LOOKING FOR THE NEXT CURVE! Todd