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    Extend EV range with “SERIES HYBRID”

    The only piece missing now is the ‘Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle’ at a reasonable price. The biggest resistance to electric cars is their long charging times and limited range. The Prius version of “parallel hybrid”, plug-in or otherwise, is unnecessarily complicated as it drives the wheels with both the ICE and the motor. Burt Rutan suggests we simply put a basic charger onboard a conventional EV to extend its range when needed. 80% of all trips are of < 60 miles. Even the $100K Tesla doesn’t have an on-board charger. I’m waiting for Paul Allen’s money to join with Burt Rutan’s insight to market a basic electric car with a relatively small on board ICE powered charger. See the May 2006 issue of “Automobile” magazine for more about Burt’s idea.

    Also, many of us could be commuting on sustainable power now. For example, most utilities, at least in the Pacific Northwest, will assure your power comes from sustainable sources for a modest surcharge of around 2˘ per kwh per month. See http://www.b-e-f.org/ for further explanation and opportunity to sign up.

    The pieces are all available now for ending ICE use in transportation and all that implies. Quite soon, politics working as it should, we will recall the days we burned something in our cars to make them go as being as quaint as a Stanley Steamer. If you’re interested in helping me convert imported gliders from Italy (for example) into “series hybrid” EVs, drop me a line. There’s got to be a way to turn insight into dollars!

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    "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    Have you seen this movie? If so, do you believe it's premise? I am not an engineer. If the electric drive train and battery system were as advanced as suggested in this 2006 documentary, then we would all be driving complete EV's right now for prices that all could afford. Also the mileage ranges would probably now be extensive enough to eliminate this one negative feature to the 1990's version. Even then the vehicle met the needs of 90% of the commuting public.


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    I saw the movie, I am an engineer, I drove the EV1 for 3 years, I was at many of the EVents shown in the movie (you can even catch a couple of glimpses of me in a few scenes). I lived it's premise from 2000 until 2002 it's all true. No hybrid on the road has performance as good (or fun), nor are they as convenient, clean, low-maintenance, or efficient as my EV1.
    See my hybridcars post at http://www.hybridcars.com/forums/kil...car-t1349.html for more details. It met over 95% of my wife and my driving needs.

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    I also saw the movie and was hoping that it was true. Thank you for the feedback.

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    I am planning to write an editorial page for the Boston Globe on economics 101 and how it should have worked to provide the buying public with this valuable option. I would like to pass the drafts along to you before submission. Is this option lost to us forever due to patent and licensing laws?

    Jim K

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    The EV isn't lost forever. It will re-emerge. It's too good to die. It will just be kept down as long as certain people can keep it suppressed. I would review your drafts if you can contact me off this forum.
    The economics are quites interesting. Look at http://www.evworld.com/article.cfm?storyid=754 for an economics based explanation.

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    Thank you for the hyperlink. There is more than enough to get me started. I agree that future communications should be outside the forum.


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    thought you might want so

    thought you might want so view a series hybrid i designed apx 4 years ago. see at dixiehybrid.com i had the idea for 30 years based on the diesel locomotive. it took that long for parts to become available in weight, size and technolgy.

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    That Dixiehybrid looks

    That Dixiehybrid looks great. I love the Diesel serial hybrid concept. Now we need to get it into production!

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    I am all for EV's, however,

    I am all for EV's, however, there are serious down sides to them too, the main one is not driving distance is environmental. The number of batteries that those cars would be discarded could gianormous unless organic, biodegradable and compostable, 100% recyclable and/or reusable materials are used in future automobile batteries.
    Green automobiles should be build completely recyclable. we have the technology and the will as individuals to support an environmentally sound society, the US car industry should spearhead the industrial renaissance of the 21th century, green, reliable, and 100% recyclable. How about if we were paid a handsome sum recycling, our motor vehicles will retain a higher value as is the case of buying silver, platinum, copper, plastics, paper products, wood, aluminum, etc.
    Think of it as investing in your retirement portfolio a chunk of raw materials, as they continue to be used the value should continue to climb.
    Many of us still remember when Toyota, Ford, and GM were producing EV's in California,
    A modified GM EV1 prototype set a land speed record for production electric vehicles of 183 mph (295 km/h) in 1994. and 75 to 150 miles (120 to 240 km) per charge with Gen 2 Ovonic nickel-metal hydride batteries. Recharging took as much as eight hours for a full charge (although one could get an 80% charge in two to three hours).
    General Motors used many advanced technologies in developing the EV1. These included:

    * Aluminum frame
    * Dent resistant side panels
    * Anti-lock brakes
    * Traction control
    * Heat pump (Heater/AC)
    * Keyless entry and keyless ignition
    * Special one-way thermal glass to allow for better heat rejection
    * Regenerative braking
    * Very low drag coefficient - Cd~0.19, CdA~0.36 m˛ (3.95 ft˛)
    * Super light magnesium alloy wheels
    * Self-sealing & low rolling resistance tires (developed by Michelin)
    * Automated tire pressure loss warning system
    * Magnesium framed seats
    * Time programmable HVAC (cabin heating or cooling) settings

    Most of these technologies were included to improve the overall efficiency of the EV1.

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