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    Following MSantos advice, I

    Following MSantos advice, I bought a Prius and an HCHII. I use the HCH for longer trips like my 17 mile commute and the Prius is for short run arounds. I follow as much of the advice on cleanmpg.com as I want and I get close to 50 in the HCH and mid 40's in the Prius.

    Compared to my BMW's I am in heaven, not only in terms of mileage but driving pleasure. My wife says the Prius is like a video game with your feet.

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    I posted a few days ago

    I posted a few days ago about how I love my '08 HCHII. I do have a question though. I drive very conservatively and try to regen and glide as much as possible. I can never seem to get the battery to a full charge. I am wondering if this is a problem that I should have my dealer look at? I drive 30-40 miles per day (15-20 miles each way) all surface streets but on a main road so I don't hit too many red lights. My route is somewhat hilly but I usually let the car slow down and catch back up on the downhill side. I have had the car 6 weeks or so and have only had the car at full charge for a total of 1 hour at most. I also haven't had the car go into forced charge for at least 4 weeks so I guess that is good.


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    Where is your state of

    Where is your state of charge, typically? Half to three quarters? That where our '06 state-of-charge *usually* resides, and I think it's normal. Verry occasionaly it will get very low, causing a constant charging condition, but it get's back to normal quickly.

    Once in a while it gets to full charge, particularly at the end of a long downhill stretch, but that's fairly rare. One gotcha with that condition, you suddenly have to apply more braking effort, due to the battery no longer charging.

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    Skirra: The Panasonic


    The Panasonic battery packs that we have on the HCH-2 (like the ones on the Prius) like to have the state of charge on the 60% to 80% range. Too high or too low for too long is not desirable and the battery management will be very aggressive in restoring the SoC to that range.

    Unfortunately many dealers don't know about this and they will just ship you out the door without a good answer and especially if the car has no DTC codes. But as Mendel mentioned, this behavior is normal and even desirable. So nothing to worry about.



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    How do hybrid cars operate

    How do hybrid cars operate in weather of -30 to -40 degrees f.? We have those temperatures frequently in Wyoming in the winter, with no indoor garage for storage, just a "car port". ???

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    Hi tabwalker: Not a problem

    Hi tabwalker:

    Not a problem at all.

    How do I know this? Heck, where I live (central Canada) gets to much much colder with temps reaching -50F and even lower.

    However, unlike most Canadian Hybrid vehicles which are sold with an Engine Block Heater, most US bound units are not. Because of this, I suggest you order a block heater and have it installed by your dealer. An EBH is an absolute requirement needed to reduce the fuel economy hit as well as accelerated engine wear in the winter months.

    By the way: In my city, is very hard to find a taxi that is not a hybrid. Very telling is it not?



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    Our '04 HCH with CVT has

    Our '04 HCH with CVT has 70,000 miles on it now. Gets twice the milage of minivan, so it is my wife's around town car, and also our trip vehicle.
    It has been great, bad door switch, bad relay on AC clutch, replaced computer module under warranty. Just doing factory maintenance at dealer.

    On highway, AC on, cruise at 71.5 mph, we get 44 mpg. up hill and down on trip from TX, Ohio, Minnessota, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, to TX. spent $550 for gas, less than half of regular ICE cars.

    In Austin TX, we get 36 to 38 mpg.

    Great little car, and we've found we can fill the trunk and backseat with stuff and go wherever we want just fine.

    With Sirrius sattelite radio, we enjoy talk public radio to make the time pass .

    Only complaint is road noise on some road surfaces. TX is getting cheap and using noiser chip and seal coatings. I added aluminum and asphalt noise barrier to trunk lid, fender wells etc. Wiill add insulation under floor mats and front fender wells when I get a chance.
    Tried to get fewer slots in new Michelin tires, run 5 psi above recommended pressure, after reading economy tricks, I may add some more to 5 below maximum for front, and 2 below maximum for rear tires.

    I can't seem to add e-mail above, so it's Chuck at charlesvsi@aol.com if you have questions.
    Road noise is our only complaint.

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