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    For my 2007 Honda HCH I'm

    For my 2007 Honda HCH I'm "satisfied" but very dissapointed with pultry gas mileage.

    Any one who states they get over 50 mph is a liar.

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    Liar? How so? If I REALLY

    How so?
    If I REALLY try hard I can get 54 mpg. And that is in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire where there is no such thing as a flat road, everything is either up or down. But I do mean it when I say "try REALLY hard". I spend the whole time feathering the gas, letting it decellerate going up hills, keeping one eye on the FE meter ALL THE TIME, coasting when I can going down hills, etc. It is like work, I am exhasted after long trips, my right calf actually aches from the constant play with the gas pedal. My wife who drives it every day, gently but like you would a normal car, gets 37 mpg. We have taken one long trip to Boston since we got it and I got it up to 63.5 mpg going down route 95 from NH to MA nearly 70 miles doing the speed limit and NO MORE.

    But I guess i'm just another liar...


    PS: I would never buy anything else but a hybrid or some other green tech vehicle - VERY SATISFIED!

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    "Any one who states they get

    "Any one who states they get over 50 mph is a liar."

    John F:

    You may wish to reconsider what you said as you would be calling "liar" to a whole lot of people. There are many of us who not only get well over 60MPG on a regular basis but we also show others how to do it.

    Are you sure you want to put your words to the test?

    If so, please visit us at www.CleanMPG.com, introduce yourself and we'll show you how to get more than 50 MPG.



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    I'm in central Ohio. 5

    I'm in central Ohio. 5 weeks into HCHII ownership. I have had only one road trip with the car. I had 52 mpg average. Most of my city driving has been in the 42-44 mpg range. Very happy with the car.

    I have yet to come across anyone face to face that has hod poor mpg with their hybrid.

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    Both the Prius and HCHII are

    Both the Prius and HCHII are brilliant cars. I love them both and as MSantos says, they are different animals but both outstanding.

    Don't buy an old fashioned car if you can help it.

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    I have had my 2008 Civic

    I have had my 2008 Civic hybrid for 5 weeks (2000 miles) and love it. My wife is constantly commenting on how much she can tell that I like it. Perhaps I like it a little too much as it is a lease and I really need to park it a bit more often but can't help myself if I have to choose between it and my wife's '04 Odyssey. I am getting 43mpg in mostly city driving but after reading up on hypermiling I am up to 45 on the display this tank (as noted by others mine is 1 to 3 mpg low). I live in Kansas City where it is hilly and have to be careful to plan ahead. I figured it up the other day and I have saved roughly $150 over my previous car (04 Olds Alero with major electrical issues, it started itself in the middle of the night) coincidentally that was the difference between the payments. I couldn't be more pleased and the fact that it is paying for itself is an added bonus that everything that I read said wouldn't happen even though as I said I drive it more than I would have driven the Alero.

    BTW thanks to all out there who provide info on hypermiling my wife has been able to get 20mpg in pure city driving (the epa mileage estimate under the old system for city is 18). That may not sound like much but over a tank it really helps.

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    I have a 2007 Honda Civic

    I have a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid and we just bought my wife a 2008 Toyota Prius about 3 weeks ago, so there's the answer to would I buy another hybrid.

    I have been extremely happy with my HCH since I bought it. I can easily get 55MPG in the summer time (but I guess I'm just another liar) and the absolute worst MPG I got from a tank during this most recent brutal winter (I'm in Iowa) was 39MPG.

    My daily commute consists of about 20 miles each way at a max speed of 60MPH, and I NEVER use the cruise control. I used to use cruise all the time until I read a few different places that cruise is actually worse for your gas mileage. The 55MPG I averaged last summer was using cruise and I've actually notcied that my MPGs are at near 50 right now with the semi-warm weather coming and going (it's supposed to snow again tonight) so I can't wait to see what I can get once the weather is consistently warm now that I'm not using cruise.

    My wife's first tank of gas in the Prius yielded about 42MPG, but I'm "showing her the ropes" so to speak of driving a bit "smarter" and more conservatively and she is already at 46MPG after a recent fill-up. I told her that eventually it becomes like a game to see how good your MPGs can actually get. She laughed but just the other night she told me about how she had her car up to almost 30MPH without the ICE kicking on. So she is definitely being converted!

    Hybrids definitely don't thrive in colder weather, but I curse the weather, not the car. My worst tank (the 39MPG one) was during a week or so of brutally cold near zero and sub zero temps. So I really cannot complain. I can't imagine what I would have gotten that same week if I was still driving my 1995 Monte Carlo Z34! And just for the record I have made absolutely no modifications to my car like attempting to pad the front or the battery to keep the engine and battery warmer in the winter time.

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    There are some some people

    There are some some people who lie about consistently averaging over 50 mph in the city/Hwy combined.

    But you MSantos are a BIG FAT LIAR if you say you consistently average "well over 60 mph" City/Hwy in your OEM Honda Civic Hybrid! You have no credibility with a statement like that. Show me picture or a link that has a picture of your dashboard and your vehicle's lifetime odometer reading of your claim and I'll apologize. We all know what our Honda Civic Hybrids are capable of and you're full of it to say you average "well over 60 mpg". What does that mean? 65/66/67 mpg? You're full of ka-ka!

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    Sorry to see you displaying

    Sorry to see you displaying that kind of attitude... but what the heck, you are not the first nor will you be the last.

    Here's collection of pictures for you to look at (mine is in there along with others):

    FYI, getting our mileage into the 60's is hardly a feat to brag about. Getting it into the 70's and 80's and keeping it there is what will really mess with your noodle.
    Sadly, I hardly think you want to be one of those in that group.

    Take care.


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    John F, Working with some of

    John F,
    Working with some of the peeps at cleanmpg.com including MSantos, I have increased my MPG 29.9%. Haven't hit the 60s mpg yet but am working on it and have gone from 42.7mpg to 55.5mpg in just 3 fillups. My average is now over 51mpg. So I can attest that it is possible. Want a pic, I can supply that also. Now take you foot out of your mouth and off the gas pedal and learn something.

    Not my pic but one driver I would be happy to emulate:

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