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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    Same experience as many

    Same experience as many others. In snow even a slight wheel spin induces traction control, loss of power and control. I may be inexperienced in this car and in snow and too heavy on accelerator - but you loose all sense of what is actually happening and what power/torque is being transmitted to wheels. Really irritating as so many other small cars are cruising around effortlessly and I need to be pushed up the slightest incline unless I can get a run at it and momentum. Stopping at a T junction just floated gently down the camber into the ditch.

    I can see the sense of a very light touch and allowing the traction control to work but there are times when this is not possible and as soon as you are stopped and your wheels are spinning that's it.

    This is in the UK and as we only get snow for a few days every 5 years or so snow tyres are not really the answer - just use my wife's car I guess.

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    My previous car, a Grand

    My previous car, a Grand Prix, also had traction control so I'm used to it with my 2008 Prius. All you have to do if the slide/traction control light comes on is lift your foot off the accelerator or a brake for a second and the traction control is disengaged. I've been a bit leery about driving thru the snowy fast Eastern suburbs of Cleveland OH but I haven't had any problems so far. The 2008 Prius has a 5.64 ground clearance, my former 2005 Grand Prix (huge gas guzzler) 5.87, a 2008 Camry 5.1, 2002 Buick Century (Dad's car) 5.7 so the Prius's ground clearance seems pretty standard.

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    Answer: There are no tow hooks on the Prius, but there is a "towing eyelet" in the toolbox with the spare tire. The eyelet goes into a plastic-covered hole on the driver's side of the front bumper, allowing the Prius to be towed slowly for a short distance.


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    I live in Omaha. My factory

    I live in Omaha. My factory tires (new in fall 2010) are worthless this winter, I can't get up even a gentle slope in ice or snow. I am tired of leaving my car at the bottom of hills and having 4 people at once try, unsuccessfully, to push me up a small hill. I am ready to buy snow tires hoping that will help. If not, I will never buy another Prius - as much as I love the car in other seasons, I can't survive like this. I am the only one not making it to work! My friend gets everywhere in her '98 Corolla! Also the lack of ground clearance is a problem - I get stuck easily. Buy something else!

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    I'm with you Mary. I'm in

    I'm with you Mary. I'm in Richmond, Virginia and we're having a horrible winter....not normal for us. We just had our third huge snow storm of the season and I have to be at work, 20 miles away, AT 6:30 AM each morning! WHO KNEW that this Southern City would suddenly become an winter wonderland? I bought my 2007 Prius to save on my commuting costs (gotta love that mileage for a 40 mile a day round trip commute), but I'm having major problems making it to and from work! On delayed openings, it isn't too bad, but I don't have access to the major thoroughfares, so am stuck doing backroads too! Just getting out of my driveway and up my culdesac is a nightmare!!!! I'm reading about the Bridgestone Blizzaks being the answer, but $400 seems a steep price to pay (and of course, this isn't normal weather for us either...hopefully!). Anyway, I guess asking for a car to do everything is too much.....just a bummer that I'm finding myself stranded.

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    I've been wondering if my

    I've been wondering if my trouble with the Prius has stemmed from the fact that it just handles poorly in winter conditions or if it's user error. This is my second winter driving my 2008 (factory tires) in Northwest Indiana. Luckily we don't have too many inclines, but I have trouble getting started in slushy conditions from stops, tend to slide when I brake, and had to be pushed out of a parking spot earlier this winter. I'm currently looking into Subarus, although winter tires might be worth a try first.

    Reading other posts here, it sounds like driver skill may account for much of my trouble. This is also just my second year of winter driving, so I guess I'll just try to be more vigilant, slow and leave LOTS of room in front of me. And get a price on snow tires.

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    I love my Prius but it sucks

    I love my Prius but it sucks in the snow. I put snow tires on it a month ago and I slid into a cement barrier and I was only going 15 MPH. If you don't live in snow regions this is a great car. Otherwise, I think it is dangerous in the snow. Sadley, I am going to look into selling mine for this reason alone.

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    Have 2008 Prius, winter snow

    Have 2008 Prius, winter snow and ice driving problems: East Side Snow Belt of Cleveland, Ohio. Put snow tires on for the the second winter with this car - Dunlops. Now I feel my wife is safer in this car. I have used snow tires on most of my cars since 2002. The only car that does not have snows - a used 2003 Town and Country Van with newer tires. This T&C van drives OK. for the Prius- With the OEM tires, this car's ABS and traction control does not work in ice and some snow- almost slid into back of a truck. The snow tires seem to work - no complaints yet. Waiting for the recall on the brakes and traction control that do not work.

    Driving on dry pavements with the OEM tires is a pleasure.

    Mileage: Based on the computer, this car is getting a combined 46MPG. Most of this is city driving. Based on all the posted complaints for mileage, will need to double check this number. the published 45MPG on the highway is most likely impossible since the electric motor rarely goes on when driving on the highway.

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    Highway mileage is very

    Highway mileage is very speed dependant. As you go from 60 to 70 to 75mph, the mileage drops off quite noticably.

    Last summer, I went from Buffalo to Duluth and back, cruise control set between 62 and 65mph for the most part.

    53mpg for a 1,500 mile round trip. Locally, here in NY state, I usually get at least 50mpg on the interstate. Locally,in city driving I do between 45 and 60mpg for weekly averages depending on weather and driving conditions.

    You MUST have proper tires, and they must be properly inflated to get good mileage.

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    We have a 2008 Prius. If

    We have a 2008 Prius. If you are worried about snow, do not buy the car. It is the biggest POS in snow and hills. We have consumer reports highest rated all weather tires on it and it is still no help. We got it stuck on our drive way in a half inch of snow on one side and drive pavement on the other. (one of many times we have had to push the car to get it moving on slick surfaces.) The TCS senses slip and shuts down the drivetrain. You can have full throttle and the tires won't spin. The car just sits there. My wife won't even drive it in the winter because of the TCS. She drives our QX56 and it is awesome in the snow. This in an awesome car for all the seasons but winter.

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