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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    My husband and I each bought

    My husband and I each bought a Toyota Prius last summer. Having asked Prius owners about their cars prior to purchasing, many of them mentioned that they were not good at all in snow. I read the owner's manual once we got the cars. It specifically stated that snow tires are needed for winter. I bought Michelin X-ice snow tires for both cars. We have had absolutely no problem. So, if you have a Pruis....I strongly suggest investing in a quality set of snow tires.

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    Michelin x-ice snow tires

    Michelin x-ice snow tires have worked well for us. Both my husband and I have made the 45 minute commute to work in lots of snow this winter (doesn't it just figure since we traded in our SUVs for hybrids!) and have had no problems at all. None.

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    I'm really close to

    I'm really close to purchasing an '09 Prius with all the safety bells and whistles but I'm concerned with the winter driving.
    I live in west Michigan and the winters here are slick and as of late really bad. I'm use to driving crappy light FWD vehicles (Mazda 3, Honda civic) with OEM (standard/ factory) tires.
    Before I purchase the Prius I need to know if it's safe at all with added snow tires for the winter? Is the driving with the hybrid in winter weather just totally different then the crappy light gas FWD vehicles?

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    Do you have chains? if so,

    Do you have chains? if so, what kind?

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    Chains are not legal on the

    Chains are not legal on the road here.

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    Good to hear Alaska. No

    Good to hear Alaska. No Palin please and someone up there tell her to stop hunting from helicopters. She is a coward. I'm going to be selling my Cadillac Escalade for a prius. I live in Tahoe and it snowed a foot last night. Good thing my wife to be has a denali. Go HYBRIDS! Good for everyone driving one!

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    I have a 2009 Prius-so far

    I have a 2009 Prius-so far so good other than on the highway it gets tossed around due to its egg shape. Im a little worried about its first winter with us. Our winters are brutal in Northern BC. We have tons of snow and -45 degree plus windchill factor temps. I hope it fairs well as soon as we get winter tires. Im not worried about mileage in the winter-it has to be warmed for a while anyway. Dont have a real opinion of this unit yet-only had it since july. any suggestions for winter driving tips or good tires?


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    If your Prius is getting

    If your Prius is getting "thrown around" at highway speeds, you may have a suspension problem. My Prius sticks to the pavement like it was on rails. Extremely stable at expressway speeds, and corners like a race car.

    For extreme northern environments, you may want to get a block heater. Available in Canada as an option. It DOES improve mileage by pre-warming the engine.

    For winter driving, you will have to take it a little easy. The traction control is somewhat sensitive. The car limits engine torque when it senses wheel slippage. So you cannot stand on the throttle, and spin the tires. But all-in-all, I am very happy with the winter handling.

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    I have a new 2010 Prius that

    I have a new 2010 Prius that I haven't had a chance to drive on ice and snow. But the Prius Owner's Manual recommends switching to winter tires, and my experience with two other vehicles (a Mercury station wagon and a Mazda convertible) on winter roads in NE Ohio has convinced me that winter tires mounted on a second set of wheels are an excellent investment. As an earlier poster said, TireRack is great. They will recommend the best package of winter tires for your make and model at significant discounts. They'll mount and ship them to you in a day. Also, Consumer Reports (Nov. 09) just rated tires. The winter tires TireRack recommended for my new Prius were among Consumer Reports' top-rated and recommended winter tires.

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    What snow tires did the Tire

    What snow tires did the Tire Rack recommend???

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