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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    The Prius has a great place

    The Prius has a great place for a Tow rope and you don't have to lay in the snow like other cars. In with the spare tire there is a huge bolt with a loop in it. This screws into the spot on the bumper. Easy as pie and you don't get dirty.

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    I am glad I did not listen

    I am glad I did not listen to a local Costco mechanic who was trying to talk me out of buying winter tires for Prius, claiming that the car is so small that it would not matter. YES, it DOES matter.
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    And you can't spin them to

    And you can't spin them to break through a thin coat of ice to a good surface. Very irritating but I still love the car.
    You need to be able to disengage this feature and then it would be fine.
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    Oh, i have come accrose the

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    am wondering how well the

    am wondering how well the Prius does in snow, with and without chains and/or snow tires.dvd to ipad converter is a great tool for dvd ripping and converting.convert dvd to ipad

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    I've driven my Prius for two

    I've driven my Prius for two winters in Utah. I live in a box canyon and haven't had any problems driving in the slush or snow. convert dvd to ipadIt is very interesting article and quite impressive too.I like the way you describe all the things and the examples.Thanks dvd to ipad converter

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    Hello, I am moving to Boston

    I am moving to Boston in a feww weeks with my 2010 Prius, and i hope it does fine. I dont want to crash or get stuck. I dont have any family or anyone out there to help if something happends to me. So wish me luck

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    For whatever it's worth, I

    For whatever it's worth, I bought a set of Cooper snowtires a couple years ago for my '08 Prius. The first summer, I took the snow tires off, and went back to summer tires. But last spring I got lazy/busy and never took the snows off. dvd soft, dvd creator

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    Good Answer - hope that

    Good Answer - hope that someone can help me and elaborate? We live in 10 below and 4 monhts pure ice in tiny AZ town NW of Flagstaff - major highway can't be kept clean fast enough in big storm. I have to admit I work as attorney w/ accident reconstruction, DUI accidents, etc, and see horrible crashes and I'm paranoid. I'm ashamed of being an attorney AND being paranoid.

    We bought 2 Volvo S40's over four years not because they were the safest cars (there are many very safe cars now - safer than our Volvos - but they got the best ice traction scores 4 us and in real life) - but because at the time the S40 was getting the best ice and water traction reviews of any cars. I really want to buy as traction as my main issue.

    To show you how paranoid I am, (please respond - I'm reallly not crazy) to replace factory tires, I read all of the tire studies in US and snow countries in Europe, and then befrore buying tires, during winter I went to our state highway patrol and Flagstaff Police Dept. and they let me crawl through their lot and see what they put on their cars that have to work on ice and be speed rated on dry road two days later.

    I ended up purchasing Goodyear tires from the warehouse that aren't even on the commercial market.

    So, our Volvo was totalled and we need a car.

    I have to stop just pretending to be green for my kids. I'm looking for ice traction info in hybrids. I know because of tire choice and weight of hybrids it won't match what I had - but I can find no real studies or information that is scientifically done that doesn't come from the dealer about traction, typical stability control vs. interactive 4-wheel dynamic traction stability control, ABS, etc.

    Can someone out there help this crazy paranoid man become REALLY GREEN w/ info or a lead to information regarding traction control studies and systems on hybrids so I can buy my car and get over my paranoia?

    And . . . "feel green" hybrids aren't good enough. There is a gorgeous Lexis hybrid that does great w/ traction - but it gets less gas mileage than the current S40 that isn't a hybrid (or a race car).

    Save me and help me be green!!! Any advice for this paranoid mad would be appreciated!


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