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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    If you're really that

    If you're really that paranoid about slipping on icy roads, buy a set of studded winter tires for the 4 bad m

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    If you're really that

    If you're really that paranoid about slipping on icy roads, buy a set of studded winter tires and have them put on your car for the winter.

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    Don't know what this person

    Don't know what this person is talking about they obviously don't know there car or how to drive in the snow. We've had our Prius for 2 years in Syracuse were we get close to 200 inches of snow a year and it handles great. Also the Prius comes with a tow hook which there is a plug on the front bumper you pop out and screw in if you need to tow it.

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    We have owned our GEN II

    We have owned our GEN II 2006 Prius since it was brand new. We live in Massachusetts and have driven the car in several different conditions and can make a pretty informed conclusion about the Second Generation Prius and Snow. We are also contemplating either getting snow tires or trading the car in for a AWD wagon or small SUV.

    The stock tires work well for the first year. We had no problems in light snow in 2006. It had problems getting up hills in deeper snow but it was not a big problem. in 2007, that all changed. the tires (with about 12-15K tire rotation miles) became skis. No traction on ice when leaving a parking spot, and it could not get up a lightly snow covered hill at all. The Prius is TERRIBLE in the snow with the stock tires after the first year.

    In 2008 and 20,000 miles, the stock tires were a joke in the snow. I promptly replaced the tires after a particular bad incident when the car got stuck going into a parking spot and it took me 1 hour to get it from not blocking traffic. (!!!)

    Snow tires were sold out all over by the time I made the decision to replace the stock tires so I replaced them with a set of Ultra High Performace Bridgestone Potenza Mud and Snow rated that were on sale. Those tires made a world of difference. We rarely drove the car in icy or snowy conditions, but when we did, the car fared OK. We still had issues getting it out of parking spots that had ice/snow on the ground.

    Since we had an AWD wagon as a second car, it did not pose too much of a problem except for the times when we both needed a car in the winter and that my wife did not drive manual transmission. I drove the AWD car to Vermont and used it as a daily driver in the winter for work. In the other seasons, we used the Prius mainly. Life was good.

    My AWD car started to get expensive to maintain so I sold it. We are now down to just the Prius and have been holding off making a decision on buying a new car or trading this car in for a less fuel efficient AWD wagon. I'm weighing the pros and cons of just getting snow tires and keeping the car or trading it in for a AWD car. My wife wants us to just have one car since neither of us really need a car for work, we just use the car on weekend trips and errands. But when we need the car, there is no other alternative and it would be nice to know the car will not get stuck getting into and out of parking spots. Not to mention it is now time to get a new set of tires and do other maintenance, it might just be time to trade in our Prius for something that can better fit our current needs.

    It's a tough decision. I really wish Toyota gave the Prius or Camry hybrid an AWD system or gave the Venza AWD a hybrid system. The Highlander Hybrid is just too big for us and my wife does not want a large SUV.

    To sum up:

    Prius + Snow + Stock tires < Year 1 = Great!
    Prius + Snow + Stock Tires > Year 1 = TERRIBLE!
    Prius + Snow + UHP M+S tires = OK except for parking spots.

    Prius + Snow + Snow Tires = ?? Not sure ??

    I wonder how the Gen III Prius fares in the snow?

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    Prii. Very good.

    Prii. Very good.

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    I might as well jump in.

    I might as well jump in. I've owned my 2009 Prius for nearly two years now. Its a great vehicle for the nice part of the year, but its nearly worthless and potentially deadly when conditions are right for loss of traction. Countless times I have turned right after stopping at an intersection in my neighborhood. If its rained or snowed, traction is lost as I accelerate and there goes the power. The first few times as a new owner I didn't know what was going on and with the car part way into the lane with vehicles approaching from my left at the posted speed of 40 mph, it was a miracle that I didn't cause a wreck. Now, I wont even attempt to pull out unless I have half a block or more of space. At this intersection, that can be a considerable wait. I experienced a new problem just a few days ago. With a late October storm dumping 8-10 inches of snow, I was trying to get home late in the evening. I was following the ruts of earlier vehicles and driving at about 15 mph. As I went up a slight grade, about half way up I realized I was going to have to give the car more power to make it to the top. I eased on the accelerator, one or both wheels broke free, the traction control kicked in, and all power was lost. I ended up rolling to a stop with several cars behind me. Luckily, they did not run into me. After everyone had gone on around me, I attempted to get going again. No such luck. The tires slipped each time and power was lost. I eventually had to back down this rise, which was only an elevation change of about 25' in 60 yards, and take a side street and a different route home.

    This technology may act just as it is supposed to, as Toyota says, but I can guarantee its going to result in someone's death if it hasn't already. This is an obvious engineering defect. If Toyota was a responsible and caring corporation, they would put out a recall for all Prius vehicles, and fix this problem.

    I wanted a Prius for 4 years before I got one. I'll never own another if this problem isn't resolved, and I can't in good conscience recommend it to anyone who might be considering buying one if they live in areas with much potential for slick roads

    And before someone says I dont know how to drive in snow, I've lived in Wyoming and the mountains my whole life, 64 years. I've owned and driven Volkswagen beetles to Lincolns, and midsized two wheel pickups to 1 ton 4 wheel drive pickups and two ton flat bed trucks. For my automobiles, I've owned nothing but front wheel drive vehicles for the last 17 years. The Prius problem is a technology issue, not a driver issue.

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    One snowy day, I had a hard

    One snowy day, I had a hard time getting up a medium grade driveway. Power kept cutting out about halfway up, same situation that many other people described. Having tried everything else, and just for kicks, I tried going up that snow covered hill in reverse. Zipped up and out of that driveway in reverse. I've used that trick countless times now. Obviously not a useful tip for regular driving up inclines. But if you are just trying to get up a driveway, reverse does much better for some reason. Maybe the traction control simply does not engage when driving in reverse.

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    Thanks MRHAPIGuy for the

    Thanks MRHAPIGuy for the "reverse" note-gonna try it tonight. I have owned my '04 Prius for 6 years. Love it in the spring-summer-fall and don't trust it at all in the winter. I live in Utah with snowy roads, icy mountain passes, and mixed valley-mountain terrain with poor driving conditions throughout a 4-5 months period. I own over a dozen vehicles and the Prius is by far the worst snow vehicle of the lot. My remedy is to put gnarly studded snow tires on it, every other winter or after 15-20K. I also try to remember that it can "bottom out" and be rendered near worthless in deep, soft snows or powerless and squirrely on slick inclines especially when the temperatures are betweein 28-35 degrees. Also, it has concerned me how poorly it stops on icy, slick roads. If this is to be your only car in wintery conditions, excellent tires make a huge difference for going and stopping. I rate the Prius as a very poor winter car when equipped with normal all-season tires. Bare roads are fine but even then I use really good tires that shed and channel water. I'll probably buy another one but I will expect to equip it with excellent, agressive winter tires, likely with studs and/or siping. BTW, as a law enforcement officer I have taken winter driving courses in Colorado and Maine so I am pretty familiar with winter driving techniques. Still love the car in the summer!

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    Driving my Prius 2009 in the

    Driving my Prius 2009 in the snow to Lake Tahoe do you think I will be fine with Snow tires on?
    Please respond.



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    Ha ha ha my h2 is the best

    Ha ha ha my h2 is the best in snow I have taken off road with as much as 3ft with a nice sheet of ice on the bottom completely stock except for motor mods like a tuner,intake and exaust. The best part of all is I get 25-30mpg it's all about knowing you vehical and the conditions you are in.

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